Can You See a Psychiatrist Without Your Parents Knowing?

teenager seeing a psychiatrist without her parents

Many people deal with mental health concerns or issues and wish to seek help. As a minor, getting the help you need may not be easy without your parents’ knowledge. Wanting to see a psychiatrist without your parents may leave them with mixed feelings. However, this could be an important step in fostering empowerment and a sense of being in control of your life.

Is Divorce and Remarriage an Unforgivable Sin? [ANSWERED]

woman with hands on bible reading about divorce

Wondering if divorce and remarriage an unforgivable sin? Many religious people truly believe and accept that it is an unforgivable sin to get divorced and remarried, but there are different opinions. Those who believe that it is forgivable believe so because God sacrificed his only son to die for all our sins in the Bible.

I Filed for Divorce and Now Regret It [HELP!]

Silhouette of man and woman with blue sky in background for blog post on how to Get Over the Father of Your Child

The United States has the highest divorce rate globally (about 750,000 couples divorce yearly). Interestingly, most couples divorce between January and March, primarily those in their first marriages (around 41% end in divorce or separation). But, how do these couples deal with the aftermath of their divorce, and do they ever regret it? 

Soccer Dad: Is This A Thing? [3 TYPES OF SOCCER DADS]

soccer dad holding ball for son to kick on grass

You’ve heard about soccer moms, but what about a soccer dad? Yes, “soccer dads” do exist! Soccer dads are typically middle-class or above males with activity-driven children. They often own a large vehicle to transport their children to and from all of their activities. Soccer dads wear “athleisure” clothing and are perky with hectic schedules revolving around their children’s sports and activities.

“Forgive Me, Father, for I Have Sinned” [AN ANALYSIS]

Man holding hands over holy book symbolizing "Forgive me father"

“Forgive me, Father, for I have sinned” is the traditional opening line to the Catholic Sacrament of Penance and Reconciliation. The now private sacrament is based on a New Testament scene, Matthew 3:6, where people are publicly confessing sins before being baptized by John the Baptist.

How Long Can a Divorce Be Put on Hold? [ANSWERED]

couple filling out divorce paper work with judges hammer in front

Divorce can be a painful and lengthy process, no matter how many years you have been married. Filing for divorce often makes couples pause and wonder if it is really necessary or if they can perhaps save the marriage. In instances like these, you may opt to put the divorce on hold while you figure it out. But, how long can you put your divorce on hold before you need to decide?

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