Can a Father Get His Child’s Social Security Number?

close up of social security number field on form

The father of a child can request a copy of his child’s Social Security number during the birth registration process. If the father wasn’t present at the registration or isn’t indicated as the father on the child’s birth certificate or has lost custody of the child, he must follow a legal process.

German Parenting Vs. American Parenting [MAIN DIFFERENCES]

german parent and child eating traditional bagel

The German parenting style is focused more on a child’s independence than anything else. Some of the ways German parents raise their children might even appear insensitive or uncaring to many American parents. This leads to lower stress levels among parents and more independent children in general.

Can You See a Therapist Without Your Parents Knowing?

Frustrated teenager sitting with therapist

If you are going through difficult times, a licensed therapist or counselor can be extremely helpful in your journey to inner healing. However, many parents are not comfortable with the thought of their child visiting a therapist alone, or you might not feel comfortable telling them that you are seeing one or sharing the reason you wish to do so. So, this raises the question; can you see a therapist without your parents knowing?

Full Marriage Equality; What Is It & Does It Exist?

Rainbow flag symbolizing equality for marriage

Marriage equality applies marriage law equally to same-sex and opposite-sex couples. The endeavors of civil rights organizations and medical and scientific communities have been the reason for its acceptance. As of 2022, marriage between same-sex couples is performed and legally recognized in 30 countries across the globe.

Can You See a Gynecologist Without Your Parents Knowing?

Youth seeing a Gynecologist Without their Parents Knowing

You can go to a gynecologist without your parents being present. It is possible to make appointments to see a physician or nurse sans your parents at most Planned Parenthood health centers. Thus, the same is true of many other gynecologist offices. Some States have different minimum ages where you can seek medical help without your parents’ presence or knowledge, but the benchmark is typically 16 years old for solo medical visits.

Should I Be Upset That My Husband Watches Porn? [ANSWERED]

man on computer watching porn

You have every right to be upset that your husband watches porn if this is not something he was open about with you. If your husband was secretly watching porn, this can be seen as a breach of trust and cheating. If you and your husband are both fine with him watching porn, then it goes to stand that you wouldn’t find it as upsetting as a spouse who only discovered it later.

Why Do We Miss Our Families So Much?

Why Do We Miss Our Families So Much

Missing your family is a natural emotional response when you are separated from them, along with all the familiar things to you. Humans have experienced these emotions for as long as we’ve been on earth and they’re caused by the attachment to things we love and feel comfortable with since birth.

What Is a Family Trait? Definition, Meaning, And Examples

animated text showcasing family trait and inherited genes

Family traits are traits that are expressed among family members. These traits may look different to people in other families. Family traits are inherited, which means that they are passed down from one generation to another. Family traits may be physical or not (such as illnesses vs. personalities).

Why It’s OK To Hate Your Family [& HOW TO COPE]

sad young man looking out window

Some people may feel distant from their parents or family as a whole. This distance can cause feelings of hatred, which are valid and need to be acknowledged and accepted for you to move on and overcome your negative emotions. You can cope by ending relationships or seeking therapy. 

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