My Husband Got Another Woman Pregnant, Help!

Wife yelling at husband on couch because he got another woman pregnant

If your husband got another woman pregnant, you have two options to choose from. Option 1 is to file for divorce and part your ways. Option 2 is to forgive him, repair the relationship, and try to live a normal life. The truth is, marital affairs are complex, and so is the decision. How devastating … Read more

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Why Does My Family Hate Me? (4 Reasons)

Young man wondering why his family hates him

Your family may hate you because they think you’re ungrateful, find you unhelpful, consider you disrespectful, feel you do not spend enough quality time with them, or are offended by the boundaries you have put in place in your relationship with them. Feeling like your family hates you is an incredibly lonely, disheartening experience. Wondering … Read more

Do Single Dads Prefer Single Mothers? (6 Reasons)

Single dad with his two boys on either side posing with white background

Single dads prefer single mothers because they have mutual responsibilities, priorities, and shared interests. Single dads are drawn to single mothers because they experience similar hardships and see a relationship with a single mother as an opportunity to rebuild a family unit by joining the families together. Single mothers generally understand the challenges of raising … Read more

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