Wife Threatening To Leave Because Of Video Games

An angry wife sitting next to husband on couch threatening to leave his husband because of video games

Wondering why your wife is threatening to leave you because of video games? According to a study done by Dr. Mark Burton, the partners of gamers feel insignificant and neglected if more time is being invested in playing video games than making an effort in the relationship. Your wife does not want to compete against … Read more

7 Reasons Why Your Husband Sleeps All The Time

Tired husband sleeps on the couch with open books surrounding him

Your husband may be napping all the time because he’s overworked, he’s trying to avoid his work responsibilities, he’s trying to avoid his familial responsibilities, his poor diet causes lethargy, he’s not physically active, he has an underlying health condition, or he’s suffering from depression. As a partner, you’re naturally concerned when your husband sleeps … Read more

Top 10 Movies About Fathers

Father and son at the movie theatre who love watching movies about fathers

Some of the to movies about fathers include such classics as To Kill a Mockingbird, The Godfather, The Father, Chef, Mystic River, and more, to be discussed below. Many films tackle the tough, intriguing, and beautiful subject matter of what it means to be a father. Whether it is a father by blood, bond, or just plainly … Read more

Can Dads Volunteer For Girl Scouts?

Close up of girl scouts looking at a map planning their trip

The Girl Scouts welcome dads and men of any age who want to volunteer in any capacity. The organization is open to any adults who desire to contribute to the personal growth of girls. Expect a full and confidential background check before joining This process applies to adults of all genders. If you’re a dad … Read more

17 Pros And Cons Of Dating A Therapist

Man who is dating a therapist is sitting in therapy across from a therapist

Pros of dating a therapist are that they’re good listeners, very patient, and very invested in the well-being of the relationship. The cons are that they’re always analyzing everything, your friends will constantly want their advice, and you can’t hide anything from them. Dating a therapist is like winning the jackpot, right? You get your … Read more

Husband Makes Decisions Without Consulting Me?

Husband and wife sitting at kitchen table with paper work and laptop looking at each other worried

If your husband makes decisions without consulting you, it’s possible that he regards himself as the head of the household and can therefore make decisions without consulting you, especially if he is bringing more money into the household than you are. However, he may also have grown up in a home where women were subservient … Read more

How to Find Biological Father Without His Name

DNA report for finding a biological father

There are many reasons why someone might not know the identity of their biological father. Finding him is possible; it all starts by taking a DNA test.  In most cases, DNA testing is the only way a biological father can accurately be found without his name.  After submitting a DNA test, you compare the closest … Read more

Are In-Laws Considered Family Relatives?

Happy family of children, parents and in-laws enjoying a picnic on stairs

In-laws are your relatives while you’re married to their blood relatives. From a legal perspective, the more appropriate question is whether in-laws are your immediate family. Certain jurisdictions and legal contracts, e.g., some insurance policies treat in-laws as close relatives, but others exclude them. If you’ve gone through a divorce recently, the question of whether … Read more

Too Late For Marriage Counseling? 10 Signs

Couple at appointment realizing it is too late for marriage counselling

How do you know when it’s too late for marriage counseling? Signs indicating that it’s too late for marriage counseling include loss of compassion, empathy, and love; abuse; an unwillingness to try; feeling relief when your spouse isn’t around; lack of respect; and if either party has already moved on. Counseling is effective when both … Read more

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