Hi there! Welcome to FatherResource. We’re a team of fathers sharing what we’ve learned about life, parenting, relationships, and more.

Whether it’s mental health, parenting, relationships, or just life in general, we try to be that “perfect” dad who has an answer to it all.

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Why ‘Father Resource’?

Did we forget to mention we are also parents ourselves? You won’t see direct pictures of our children on here, but we hope you can appreciate and understand why.

A big reason for starting this website and resource was that most of us became parents around 2019. If you can remember, the world was in Pandemic Covid mode.

And we were suddenly all alone…

As any good millennial would do (elder millennial if we may clarify), many of us took to the internet to start figuring out this whole parent and new life thing.

However, even with some of us having education and work experience in these areas, we realized fairly quickly that finding good help online wasn’t going to match the actual speed of the internet.

So, as we grow and research ourselves, and learn through real-life trial and error, we like to share it all here, with the goal of providing professional yet relatable help.

We also love answering questions other fathers and readers have, so you’ll find a lot of that kind of content here as well.

Getting In Touch

We don’t currently offer therapy or one-to-one coaching services to readers. What attracted some of us to taking our social work and therapy services to the digital world was reaching a larger audience, so we like to focus our efforts there.

But if you’re a parent blogger or someone who wants to collaborate, please feel free to get in touch.

For all business-related inquiries feel free to contact me at info [ @ ] fatherresource (dot) org (*sorry it’s laid out so weird, but this helps limit the bots scraping the internet and sending me spam).

Thanks For Stopping By!

We hope you enjoy the website 🙂


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