Why Does My Wife Never Come Onto Me?

Husband upset with wife in bed because she won't come onto him and instead plays on phone

Does your wife never come onto you? Women are generally more reserved when it comes to intimacy due to how they were raised or how they should act according to society. A lower libido could be due to anxiety, stress, depression, health problems, or a lack of physical attraction. Watching romance movies can be both … Read more

Should Fathers Attend Bachelor Parties?

Groupe of four men celebrating at a bachelor party by drinking at a bar

Fathers of both the bride and groom can attend bachelor parties, but caution should be paid to the events planned, the relationship between the groom and the two fathers, and their sensibilities. If it is likely to be inappropriate for the fathers, then an additional event can be organised that includes them. The two important … Read more

Do Males Get In Nursing School Easier?

Male nurse who recently graduated nursing school posing in front of medical equipment with hands crossed on chest looking proud

There has been a growing demand for more male nurses, as both providers and patients have become more and more aware of the benefits male nurses can provide in the healthcare field. All the benefits result in more male candidates receiving bursaries and acceptance in nursing school. There are several reasons to support this statement. … Read more

My Husband Never Stands Up For Me (How to Handle?)

Confused husband stands thinking while wife walks off in background without him

Most women who feel that their husband never stands up for them refer to negative relationships with their in-laws. Many men find it hard to stand up for their partners in the face of intrusive or abusive behavior from their families. These relationships can make or break a marriage, so it’s not surprising that they … Read more

How To Summon A Dad (3 Different Ways)

Man with hands around glowing glass ball trying to summon a spell

According to a Tumblr user, you can summon a dad when you: Make a circle out of power tools (screwdrivers and wrenches will do in a pinch) Place a pair of socks inside sandals in the middle of the circle Chant “Hi Hungry, I’m dad” over and over Touch the thermostat Those who dare to … Read more

Parenting Styles – Are You Parenting The Right Way?

Infographic demonstrating different parenting styles with cartoon characters

Becoming a parent is quite an adventure. The kind of trip you cannot be truly prepared for. After dealing with milk bottles, diapers, and short and interrupted nights, you start to see your child growing and developing a personality, expressing demands and responding to what you say or do (and not always the way you … Read more

8 Reasons We Need A Family (Family Support)

Close up of 4 different hands stacked on top of each other to show importance of family support

Everyone needs support and the best place to find it is in your family. Family refers to a domestic group of people brought together by birth, marriage, or legal relationships such as adoption. Extended family refers to aunts, uncles, cousins, and grandparents. When a new life is created, family is the most important part of … Read more

Are We Better Than Our Forefathers?

Vintage picture of our forefathers standing in a field socializing

We are both better and worse than our forefathers. Our forefathers worked hard to achieve the simplest things, yet they were much happier. We depend on machinery to do our work, live much longer lives than our forefathers, and make use of luxuries our forefathers did not have, yet we are unhappy. Have you ever … Read more

My Wife Is A Bit Cold, Why?

Wife with arms crossed looking cold on grey background

There are several reasons why your wife may be acting cold towards you. For instance, she may be feeling stressed, or there are changes in priorities in her life. Additionally, she may be battling with learned passive-aggressive, or the relationship lacks connection. If you’ve noticed that your wife has been acting aloof lately, it’s natural … Read more

10 Ways to Help Your Family With House Work

Cleaning supplies on counter ready to be used to help your family with house work

You can help your family with house work by setting the table for dinner, taking out and bringing in the garbage bin, putting the dishes away, folding the laundry, packing away your clothes, looking after your siblings, picking up toys, picking up dog poop, and feeding the pets. House work can be quite laborious, which … Read more

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