My Wife Wants Me To Sleep With Another Woman!?

Wife showing husband pictures of potential woman to her husband, because she wants him to sleep with another woman

The answer to this question lies in the current state of your marriage. There can be several reasons why your wife would want you to have sex with another woman. Some of them may be positive, and some may have a more sinister purpose. Here are a few of the reasons why your wife wants … Read more

Why Does Family Hurt You The Most? (4 Reasons)

Woman sitting on rock in water looking at sunset reflection on when her family hurt her

Family hurts you the most because they take you for granted, make fun of you, and take advantage of you in moments of vulnerability. Often family hurts you because of their own inner conflict or based on the fact that they grew up surrounded by people who had unhealthy conflict management styles. Given that being … Read more

My Husband Gets Mad When I Cry…Why?

Wife crying as after husband pushed her and walked away in distance

It is a common misconception that women are more emotional than men and often husbands get mad and frustrated when their wives cry for what they feel are frivolous reasons. This ultimately boils down to a disconnect and misunderstanding between yourself and your husband. Your husband might think you’re crying for attention or to deflect … Read more

My Wife Has Feelings For Someone Else (6 Signs)

Husband sitting hunched over looking upset because his has feelings for someone else

When your wife has feelings for someone else, you have two fundamental choices in the situation. Choice number 1 is that you can choose to fight for your wife and your marriage, or choice number 2 is to walk away and move on. There is no clear guideline on how to move forward, and only … Read more

10 Reasons Puppies Are Better Than Babies

Babies vs puppies: a baby and puppy lay down side by side staring at camera to see who is cuter

Puppies are better than babies for all sorts of reasons, including; they are cheaper to feed and maintain, require cheaper toys, learn to do their business by themselves at a young age, are constantly happy, are softer and less messy, easy to play with from a young age, aren’t fussy, and go to sleep easily. … Read more

My Husband Got Another Woman Pregnant, Help!

Wife yelling at husband on couch because he got another woman pregnant

If your husband got another woman pregnant, you have two options to choose from. Option 1 is to file for divorce and part your ways. Option 2 is to forgive him, repair the relationship, and try to live a normal life. The truth is, marital affairs are complex, and so is the decision. How devastating … Read more

Can You Get A Vasectomy Without Your Wife Knowing?

Doctor in white coat holding clipboard preparing for a vasectomy procedure

There is no current legal requirement that a man would need his wife’s consent to have a vasectomy procedure done. That is the status quo under the law. The idea of undergoing a medical procedure that will affect the reproductive aspect without informing or discussing this with your partner, however, would be the same as … Read more

How To Talk To In-Laws About Divorce (6 Tips)

Divorce paper work on table with hands on either side as couple gets ready to tell in-laws

The best way to talk to in-laws about divorce would be to be open and honest about your feelings, highlighting the reason for your decision. Always make sure that you present them with key facts during the discussion, without having to feel pressured into providing too many details. If you wondering how to talk to … Read more

My Husband Constantly Questions Me (5 Reasons Why!)

Husband questioning wife on bed while wife tries to calm him down

If your husband constantly questions you, it may be because he feels he is more knowledgeable, sees himself as the head of the household, and should be the decision-maker, he doesn’t trust your judgment. Alternatively, he is trying to play devil’s advocate or thinks he is contributing to a discussion. If your husband constantly questions … Read more