How To Recover from Helicopter Parenting & Switch Styles

Woman in therapy to help recover from helicopter parenting

The impact helicopter parenting can have on children is significant, and these children are often forced into “self-improvement habits” such as tutoring, obsession with grades, or even multiple competitive sports. These habits can be hard to break when you, the child of helicopter parents, become a parent yourself.

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Helicopter Parents Vs. Lawnmower Parents

helicopter parents having lunch on grass field with child

Helicopter parents are overly active in their children’s lives. They tend to hover over their kids, being overprotective and paying close attention to everything they do. Lawnmower parents go out of their way to take down any possible obstacles to smooth a path, so their children never endure discomfort or hardships.

How Does Culture Affect Parenting Style?

Animated parent couples symbolizing culture differences

Culture affects parenting styles through the emphasis placed on honor, the community’s norms and beliefs, socially accepted methods of discipline, the community’s role in childrearing, the roles of mothers vs. fathers, and the roles of sons vs. daughters; each of these factors may/will vary across cultures.

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