Man holding his eyes while crying

Why Does My Mom Get Mad When I Cry

A mother that consistently gets mad when her child starts to cry instead of helping to process feelings and provide comfort can be a sign of emotional immaturity or point to a person struggling with intergenerational trauma. A narcissistic mother will struggle to show empathy to a crying child.

angry and mad father pointing at son while screaming

Why Does My Dad Get Mad Over Little Things?

Having a dad who gets mad over little things can disturb your peace as a child and create an unsettling environment. Naturally, you would want to understand why your dad gets mad over little things because his mood affects you and your relationship with him.

father selling his house with for sale sign out front

Can My Father Sell His Property Without My Consent?

Property laws in the US specify that your father can sell his property without your consent if he is the sole property owner; unless you have a power of attorney over his affairs. There is no law regarding ancestral homes or inheritance that will allow you any influence over his decision to sell.

father shaking hands with son to sellproperty with real estate agent in background

Can a Father Sell His Property to His Son? [ANSWERED]

A father may sell his property to his son. If he sells it at a discount that exceeds $16,000 off of the value, the IRS considers that portion to be a gift, and he (the son) must report it. The IRS will deduct the difference between the selling price and fair market value from the son’s lifetime tax exemption of $12.06 million.

Man holding hand up to pregnant wife symbolizing wanting nothing to do with child

Father Wants Nothing to Do With Unborn Baby [HELPFUL TIPS]

A father who wants nothing to do with their unborn baby should step up and become involved when the child is born. If the father refuses to be a part of the child’s life after birth, the mother can take legal actions for him to help out with child expenses, but nothing can be done to force an emotional or physical bond.

Man in stress feeling trapped by fatherhood

Feeling Trapped by Fatherhood [HELPFUL TIPS]

Some fathers feel trapped by fatherhood. Multiple factors can lead to this feeling, including; loss of freedom, the endless responsibility of raising a child, parental burnout, and depression. Seeking support and certain lifestyle changes can alleviate this feeling.

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