Too Late For Marriage Counseling? 10 Signs

Couple at appointment realizing it is too late for marriage counselling

How do you know when it’s too late for marriage counseling? Signs indicating that it’s too late for marriage counseling include loss of compassion, empathy, and love; abuse; an unwillingness to try; feeling relief when your spouse isn’t around; lack of respect; and if either party has already moved on. Counseling is effective when both … Read more

11 Reasons Being Sober Makes You a Better Parent

A parent putting their hand up saying no to a beer and yes to being a sober parent

Being sober allows you to be a better parent by being present, have more energy, keep your children safe, set a good example, and building healthy, loving relationships with your children.  The most obvious reason being sober will make you a better parent is allowing you to be loving and present with your children in … Read more

My Wife Left Me For Another Man [Tips For Grieving]

Man holding broken heart picture with a sad face after wife left him

If your wife left you for another man, you could grieve this hurtful situation by embracing the emotions you feel, journaling all your thoughts and feelings, seeking the guidance of a therapist, embrace support from your loved ones, and trying to avoid places or things that remind you of her. Having your wife leave you … Read more

Dating An Older Woman (Advantages/ Disadvantages)

Younger man who is dating an older woman is holding a rose behind his back on the beach waiting for his date

Older women are more secure in themselves and know what they want in life. They also have greater life experience. Although you are happy, people may judge the relationship, but this should not deter you. You do need to be as emotionally mature as her and understand that she may have baggage. In days gone … Read more

How to Get Your Dad to Stop Smoking

Getting your dad to stop smoking must begin with helping him break nicotine dependence. It helps to seek as much information as possible regarding nicotine addiction and how to help and support smokers to quit. Also, find out his values. Then, point out how the habit contradicts some of them.  According to a 2019 survey … Read more

My Husband Goes Out Every Weekend Without Me

Angry wife in background because her husband goes out every weekend

Your husband may be going out without you to embrace his independence or feels he needs the support of his friends after a long week. If you’re upset about him going out every weekend without you, it would be best to address your feelings so you can understand why he goes out every weekend without … Read more

My Wife Goes Out Without Me, Is That Bad?

Confused husband stands thinking while wife walks off in background without him

If your wife goes out with you, it is not necessarily a bad thing. It is possible that your wife goes out without you to maintain a sense of independence, having girl time, or “me time.” However, if your wife goes out without you and does not make an effort to go out with you … Read more

4 Reasons Why Your Wife Hates Your Mother

Angry wife refusing to talk to husband's mother sitting on couch with husband trying to compromise

It is possible that your wife hates your mother and refuses to be around her because she feels your mother excludes her, holds her to unattainably high standards, or does not respect her role as your wife and feels that your mother acts as if you are her husband instead of her son. Your wife … Read more

How To Use Dad Bot (For Discord)

How to use dad boy example screen shot 1

The original creator of Dad Bot discontinued his work. There are, however, other creators who have made their very own Dad Bot to be used for Discord. They are all coded differently, and so the command for using each Dad Bot differs according to the discretion of the creator. As a gamer, I tend to … Read more

Why Does My Wife Hate My Family?

Angry wife looking the other direction from pleading husband next to her

Your wife may hate your family because she feels excluded from them, feels they judge her, feels they disrespect her as your wife, feels they have created an unattainable standard for her and imply that she is not enough, or feels that you prioritize them above her. As a husband, the last thing you want … Read more