Santa holding hands out catching snow

Is Santa Real, Or Is It Your Parents?

Santa Claus isn’t real, but sharing this with your kids doesn’t have to be a devastating moment that shakes their belief in the spirit of Christmas. Sharing that Santa represents goodness, kindness, and love is an opportunity to teach your children life lessons.

Man in bed falling asleep instantly while reading

How To Fall Asleep Instantly

Falling asleep instantly requires creating a sleep-conductive environment and routine. Tools such as breathing exercises or meditation can also help, along with supplements such as melatonin. Avoid excess alcohol, drinking caffeine later in the day, and using screens in the bedroom.

Youth seeing a Gynecologist Without their Parents Knowing

Can You See a Gynecologist Without Your Parents Knowing?

You can go to a gynecologist without your parents being present. It is possible to make appointments to see a physician or nurse sans your parents at most Planned Parenthood health centers. Thus, the same is true of many other gynecologist offices. Some States have different minimum ages where you can seek medical help without your parents’ presence or knowledge, but the benchmark is typically 16 years old for solo medical visits.

A father doing his daughter's hair on couch while talking on phone

What Happened to the Dad Who Cut Daughter’s Hair?

Going viral can be fun for some, especially when belting out sea shanties. But for many, going viral means your name will live on in infamy. Such as the fate of Schaffen Frederick, a father who cut his thirteen-year-old daughter’s hair because “actions have consequences”. While Frederick’s statement is true, he probably didn’t envision that those words were going to apply to himself.

Preist wondering if Religion is a social construct

Is Religion a Social Construct? [DETAILED DISCUSSION]

Religion is a complex and very diverse topic. There are roughly 4,300 religions practiced worldwide and each of them influences a person’s morals, values, behavior, response, and culture in a myriad of ways. Therefore, religion is a difficult concept to define. Since religion affects many aspects of our daily lives, is it a social construct?

Statue of Carl Linnaeus Father Of Taxonomy

Father Of Taxonomy: A Brief History on Carolus Linnaeus

Carolus (Carl) Linnaeus became the father of taxonomy due to his own father’s passion for botany, which he shared with Carl from an early age. By age five Carl had memorized the Latin names of many plants. He became a university lecturer at 23, which is when he began to develop a better system for naming plants.

single man watching tv by himself

Do Men Who Leave Their Family Regret It? [ANSWERED]

It can be hard to come to terms with a relationship or marriage that has broken down. Still, having someone you love walk out on your family can be far more devastating. Statistically, around 20.2%, or about 7 million men, are absentee fathers. You may have some insight into why men leave but still wonder if they regret it after the fact.

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