Stuart Cameron, MSW, RSW posing for featured image in his tele counseling office on the research for remote therapy

Research for Remote Therapy and Tele-counselling

As a therapist that works exclusively remotely, I wanted to create a condensed post discussing some of the research on remote therapy (often referred to as Tele Counseling in the academic literature). Ever since the Covid-19 pandemic, people have questioned whether doing psychotherapy remotely is as effective as in-person.

Stuart Cameron posing for featured image on optimizing remote therapy

How Therapists Can Optimize Remote Therapy for Their Clients

Remote therapy can sometimes get a bad reputation for failing to capture the “true essence” of in-person therapy. There is validity to this argument, and I do accept that remote therapy can never be the same as in-person. However, I also think that a lot of remote therapy setups just aren’t optimized, and if there were to be, the experience would be significantly improved for both clients and therapists.

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Disadvantages of Remote Therapy and Online Counseling

I’m a big fan of remote work and remote therapy but there are still disadvantages to remote therapy and Tele counseling services that are worth discussing and bringing attention to. Some of these disadvantages can be “improved”, and are inherent to the therapist’s or client’s “less than optimal” setup. But, as I will discuss, some of them are not.

Stuart Cameron posing for featured image on optimizing remote therapy

Is Remote Therapy Effective? [Pros & Cons & HOW to OPTIMIZE]

As we continue in the “post-pandemic” world, adopting and adapting technology, wherever possible, to make remote work more accessible and efficient, one of the areas that continues to be scrutinized is therapy. Whether we’re using terms like remote therapy, online therapy, e-counselling, e-therapy, telepsychology, tele-counselling, or teletherapy, we’re talking about the same thing: psychotherapy for … Read more

Frustrated teenager sitting with therapist

Can You See a Therapist Without Your Parents Knowing?

If you are going through difficult times, a licensed therapist or counselor can be extremely helpful in your journey to inner healing. However, many parents are not comfortable with the thought of their child visiting a therapist alone, or you might not feel comfortable telling them that you are seeing one or sharing the reason you wish to do so. So, this raises the question; can you see a therapist without your parents knowing?

wife upset with lazy husband who won't work

Divorcing a Husband Who Won’t Work [HERE’S HOW]

The worst feeling is the feeling of being on your own and doing everything alone. Living with a husband who won’t work or help support your family can cause that lonely feeling every day. This is not directed to those who have an agreed-upon situation where the husband has taken on the role of stay-at-home parent/homemaker, this is directed to those whose husband neither works outside nor within the home!

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