Frustrated teenager sitting with therapist

Can You See a Therapist Without Your Parents Knowing?

If you are going through difficult times, a licensed therapist or counselor can be extremely helpful in your journey to inner healing. However, many parents are not comfortable with the thought of their child visiting a therapist alone, or you might not feel comfortable telling them that you are seeing one or sharing the reason you wish to do so. So, this raises the question; can you see a therapist without your parents knowing?

wife upset with lazy husband who won't work

Divorcing a Husband Who Won’t Work [HERE’S HOW]

The worst feeling is the feeling of being on your own and doing everything alone. Living with a husband who won’t work or help support your family can cause that lonely feeling every day. This is not directed to those who have an agreed-upon situation where the husband has taken on the role of stay-at-home parent/homemaker, this is directed to those whose husband neither works outside nor within the home!

teenager seeing a psychiatrist without her parents

Can You See a Psychiatrist Without Your Parents Knowing?

Many people deal with mental health concerns or issues and wish to seek help. As a minor, getting the help you need may not be easy without your parents’ knowledge. Wanting to see a psychiatrist without your parents may leave them with mixed feelings. However, this could be an important step in fostering empowerment and a sense of being in control of your life.

Picture of depressed father with editing effects to show sadness and depersonalization

My Father is Depressed, How Can I Help?

Wondering how to help when your father is depressed? Here’s how. Familiarize yourself with the symptoms of depression and suicidal behavior. Talk to your dad about his depression, and encourage him to go for therapy. Try to be understanding and show emotional and physical support. You also need to set boundaries and take care of … Read more

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