older woman dating younger man with her arms wrapped around him

An Older Woman Dating A Younger Man

Older women interested in dating a younger man has increased over the past years. Like any relationship, older women and younger men can succeed if you put the work in. Try to be aware of any triggers from past relationships and establish whether his expectations align with yours.

men wearing engagement ring from fiance

Do Men Wear Engagement Rings?

Some men do wear engagement rings. A man may choose to wear one or not for various reasons, such as cultural traditions, religion, relationship dynamics, personal beliefs, and personal preferences. Every man and couple is unique and should decide for themselves if it is right for them.

divorce symbolized by two wedding rings on top of paperwork

How Many Marriages End In Divorce?

Between 40 and 50% of marriages in the USA end in divorce, but this pertains to first marriages. The latest research suggests that the crude divorce rate is 2.3 per 1,000 people in 2023, with divorce rates varying for second and third marriages and in different states.

An angry who hates her husband sitting next to him on couch while he plays video games

I Hate My Husband

You might hate your husband because he doesn’t spend enough time with you, doesn’t give you gifts, berates you, or doesn’t shower you with words of affirmation. However, reflecting on positive memories you share and consulting a marriage counselor can help mend your relationship.

Girlfriend holding frying pan on couch about to hit boyfriend

Is It Normal For My Girlfriend To Hit Me?

It is not normal for your girlfriend to hit you. When your girlfriend starts hitting you, it is classified as domestic violence by the Department of Justice. Terminating the relationship or seeking professional help for your girlfriend are options when confronted with physical abuse.

Partner emotionally unavailable in kitchen eating

My Partner Is Emotionally Unavailable

Emotionally unavailable people were often raised by such parents. They never learned how to express their emotional needs or meet others’ needs. It is, however, possible for them to change. Emotion-focused therapy can help your partner learn how to understand and express their emotions.

Girlfriend and boyfriend travel selfie up close

Things To Do For Your Boyfriend

Things that you can do for your boyfriend include cooking his favorite dish, playing video games together, making him a playlist, watching his favorite show with him, surprising him with flowers, and learning about his topics of interest so that you can chat about the things that matter to him.

Boyfriend in bed snooping and going through partners phone secretly

My Partner Went Through My Phone

Some partners do not have an issue when their partners go through their phones, whereas others see it as an act of disrespect and a violation of trust. The act of snooping through your partner’s phone can cause irreversible damage to the relationship, which may result in the termination of the union.

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