Should I Be Upset That My Husband Watches Adult Content? [ANSWERED]

You have every right to be upset that your husband watches adult content if this is not something he was open about with you. If your husband was secretly watching adult content, this can be seen as a breach of trust and cheating. If you and your husband are both fine with him watching adult content, then it goes to stand that you wouldn’t find it as upsetting as a spouse who only discovered it later.

couple on couch holding question marks over face wondering if marriage is really worth it


Wondering if marriage is really worth it? Marriage is worth it if you marry the right person. It is vital that both partners share similar core values and beliefs and that spouses are attentive to each other’s needs and feelings. It is also essential for both partners to be on the same page about their expectations of marriage and each other beforehand.

Bisexual husband and wife wondering what to do next

Bisexual Husbands; What Is It Like to Have One?

Having a bisexual husband can be difficult for the spouse. The spouse may feel angry, ashamed, or unhappy when discovering their husband is bisexual. Especially if this was not disclosed (or realized) before marriage. However, having a bisexual husband does not mean the marriage is doomed. The best course of action is to discuss your worries with your husband.

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