Do Men Wear Engagement Rings?

When we think of an engagement ring, we usually associate it with an engaged woman. We don’t tend to think of a man wearing one. But have you ever wondered if engaged men also sometimes wear rings? Let’s find out!

Some men do wear engagement rings. A man may choose to wear one or not for various reasons, such as cultural traditions, religion, relationship dynamics, personal beliefs, and personal preferences. Every man and couple is unique and should decide for themselves if it is right for them.

There are many factors for an engaged man to consider when deciding whether to wear a ring. In the sections below, we will examine why some men wear rings while others don’t, on which finger men usually wear it, whether men should buy their own engagement rings, and what kind of rings are popular.

men wearing engagement ring from fiance

Why Do Some Engaged Men Choose To Wear Rings?

Male engagement rings, also known as “man-gagement” rings, are worn by some men but not by others. A survey conducted in 2019 found that about 7% of engaged men wear rings.

However, it is becoming an increasingly popular trend for men to wear engagement rings due to celebrities such as Ed Sheeran, Michael Bublé, and Neil Patrick Harris, who all wore rings when they got engaged.

In some areas of the world, such as Chile and Brazil, it is customary for an engaged man to wear one along with his fiancé. Some men wear engagement rings simply because they like jewelry and want one.

Men also wear it to show other women or men they are unavailable and fully committed to their fiancé. With the legalization of same-sex marriages in many countries, male engagement rings have become increasingly popular as gay men also wish to symbolize their engagement with a ring.

It is also not that rare for women to propose to men in modern times, which they often do with an engagement ring. Some men in heterosexual relationships wear engagement rings to support gender equality because of what it used to symbolize when only women wore one in some historical (and sometimes still prevalent) misogynistic cultural practices.

One such historical, cultural practice was conducted in Western Europe countries, where engagement rings symbolized the pre-ownership of a woman. Women had to wear the rings to show other men they were unavailable and were expected to be loyal to their fiancé from then on.

However, men were not obligated to wear rings or stay faithful to the bride until after the wedding.

Why Do Some Engaged Men Choose Not To Wear Rings?

Some men do not wear engagement rings because they reside in regions where traditional wedding practices are still prevalent, and it is not the norm. Other men do not do it simply because they find it uncomfortable, or it may not be practical to wear jewelry in professions where they work with their hands, like the plumbing industry.

Some engaged men do not wear rings because they do not like jewelry. In some cases, men argue that sporting an engagement ring does not guarantee a man will be faithful to his fiancé since many women or men are still interested in the man even if they know he is not single.

Man wearing engagement ring

On Which Finger Do Men Wear Their Engagement Rings?

Some men wear their engagement rings on their left ring fingers, while others wear them on their right ring fingers. The tradition in their region often influences which side they wear the ring on.

For instance, in Chile, it is customary for both men and women to wear it on their right hand. Once married, they move the rings to their left hand.

In many Western countries, such as the USA, it is customary for men to wear their rings on their left hand. Some even prefer to wear it on other fingers, such as the middle one, as it may be more comfortable for them.

Since there is no straightforward right or wrong answer to this question, men who wear engagement rings can wear them on whichever finger they prefer.

Men do not always wear it on their fingers, either. Some men choose to wear their engagement rings on chains around their necks. In these instances, it is often because it is impractical for them to wear rings in their professions, like the food industry.

It may also be more comfortable for them to wear it around their necks rather than on their fingers.

Should Men Buy Their Own Engagement Rings?

The answer to whether a man should buy his own engagement ring differs from person to person. In heterosexual relationships, women often buy the man’s engagement ring since he bought hers. Other men prefer to buy their own engagement rings. When women propose to men, they often buy an engagement ring to propose with.

When two men are in a relationship, the man who chooses to propose usually buys an engagement ring. However, once engaged, the other man may also purchase a ring for his fiancé should he wish to. Whether men should buy their own engagement rings is also often influenced by their religion, culture, or personal beliefs.

Once again, there is no right or wrong answer. Each couple should decide what works best for their particular relationship.

Man wondering if he should wear engagement ring

What Kind Of Engagement Rings Are Most Popular With Men?

The kind of engagement rings that men prefer will differ from person to person. The Blue Nile published a helpful guide for popular rings. In terms of style, the most popular engagement rings tend to be simple classic metal (for minimalist men), textured (for casual men), or black (for masculine men).

It is also becoming increasingly popular for men’s rings to have diamonds or gemstones.

Regarding precious metals, gold is one of the most popular options, as it does not tarnish quickly. Platinum is also very popular because it shows diamonds off exceptionally well and does not fade over time.

Popular metals for men who prefer something less traditional are cobalt, titanium, and tungsten. Regarding the width of the band, the most popular width amongst men is 8mm.

There are many helpful online style guides that men can consult if they are still determining what they want.

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Some men choose to wear engagement rings, and others do not. Factors like religion, culture, tradition, relation dynamics, and personal beliefs usually influence the decision.

Each man and couple should decide for themselves whether wearing an engagement ring is the right decision for them.

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