Can Your Parents See What Apps You Download?

parents spying on child's laptop

Wondering if your parents can see what apps you download? When linking your phone to a shared Google, iCloud, or family account, your parents can see what apps you download. Apple’s Verizon app allows parents to connect phones and receive notifications.

Why Are Fathers and Dads So Annoying? (4 Common Reasons)

Annoying dad standing over shoulder of his daughter checking her work

Fathers can be annoying for multiple reasons, age differences, fear of their children growing up, reactions to unsuitable behaviour, worries about their children’s future. These can stem from a lack of communication and sitting down together and discussing can solve annoyances before they become larger problems. The reasons why Fathers can be annoying come down … Read more

Why Do Fathers Hit Their Children (And Is It Ok?)

Cartoon picture of angry father yelling at sad daughter

Fathers may hit their children for several reasons. These can include experiences from their own childhood, an inability to communicate, mental health issues, a propensity for violence, violent role models, substance misuse, and inability to manage frustration. One can scarcely believe that in this day and age there are still Fathers who use corporal punishment … Read more

Parenting Styles – Are You Parenting The Right Way?

Infographic demonstrating different parenting styles with cartoon characters

Becoming a parent is quite an adventure. The kind of trip you cannot be truly prepared for. After dealing with milk bottles, diapers, and short and interrupted nights, you start to see your child growing and developing a personality, expressing demands and responding to what you say or do (and not always the way you … Read more

Can Parents Take Their Kids Money (Ethical Discussion)

A parent using tweezers trying to take their kids money from a piggy bank

Whether or not parents can legally take their kid’s money differs from country to country. From a moral perspective, however, it is a lot clearer – if your child has worked hard for their money, they should keep it. It is common for parents to have control over their children’s money as children don’t have … Read more

How to Get Your Dad to Shut Up (6 Ways Explained)

Dad putting hand over his mouth to show how to shut up when talking too much

Are you wondering how to get your Dad to shut up? Be straight up; communication is the key to any successful relationship. However, successful communication also requires respect from both sides for it to really work. If you need space from your dad’s constant chatter, you need to let your dad know directly that you … Read more

Expectant Father Anxiety – Advice for Men

Expectant father experiencing anxiety after him and wife receive positive pregnancy test in living room

If you’re an expectant father, remember that there is no such thing as “ready”. Communication is everything. Discuss your concerns with your spouse before the baby is born. Get involved and attend as many parental appointments as possible; the understanding will calm you. Prepare whatever you can in advance.  Connect with close male friends. There … Read more

10 Reasons Babies Are Better Than Puppies

Puppy chasing baby crawling on the ground with a white background

Reasons that babies are better than puppies include the fact that they’re easy to clean, easy to feed, communicate their needs, sleep often, are welcomed in public, and won’t run away or chew your favorite pair of shoes the way a puppy probably would. Babies and puppies are both huge responsibilities, but it’s easy to … Read more

Can Parents Force Children To Go To Church?

Young child holding a bible in arms being forced to go to church by his parents

A parent can force their child to go to church until they reach a certain age. While there’s no specific recommendation, it’s best to let your child make this decision for themself, which usually happens around puberty. Forcing an adolescent child to go to church can have far-reaching consequences. Faith is a core component in … Read more

Can Absent Fathers Get Custody? [it depends]

Absent father hugging his daughter before leaving house with luggage and mother stands off in distance watching

A legally absent father who is not involved in their child/ren’s life may return and petition for visitation or child custody. While the ensuing legal battle may be stressful and strenuous for the custodial parent and the child/ren, the absent parent may have genuine reasons to petition for visitation or custody. US family law recognizes … Read more

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