Becoming a Father At 40 [WHAT YOU SHOULD KNOW]

40 year old new father playing with baby son

Becoming a father at the age of 40 can seem daunting, especially with concerns about your health, your ability to keep up with your little one, and the reality of your vast difference in childhood experiences in very different decades. And while these are very valid worries to have, there are also many advantages to being a dad at this age.

Free-Range Parenting vs. Helicopter Parenting [PROS & CONS]

Animated image portraying helicopter parenting

Free-range parenting is when parents let their child make most decisions, even if they may result in harm. Helicopter parenting is when parents are overly involved and attempt to control every aspect of their children’s lives. Free-range parenting is preferred because it at least helps to develop children’s creativity and encourages personal development.

Co-Parenting With Someone Who Hurt You [HELPFUL TIPS]

Girl asking for explanation of her cheater boyfriend

Co-parenting with someone who hurt you requires that you set aside lingering emotions for the sake of your child. Try to understand what your co-parent wants and keep communication straightforward and strictly about your child. Do not bicker unnecessarily and stick to the custody schedule.

Co-Parenting with Someone with Borderline Personality Disorder

Man holding two different emotion masks symbolizing Borderline Personality Disorder

When co-parenting with someone with borderline personality disorder, it is essential to put your child’s needs first. Educating your child about the condition can help them make sense of the situation and develop an understanding of what it means for a child’s needs to come first and avoid the child feeling emotionally responsible.

Co-Parenting With a Sociopath [IS IT POSSIBLE?]

Young co-parenting couple showing miscommunication

You can co-parent with a sociopath, but it’s far from ideal. You may often have to make choices that seem unfair or uncaring in order to protect your child from the harmful effects of a sociopathic parent. It is crucial to instill values of self-care and resilience to help your child cope with it.

Co-Parenting While (Still) Living Together [CAN IT WORK?]

co-parents who still live at home with their children

Co-parenting while still living together happens for several reasons and is often out of the parent’s control. The best tips for co-parenting while still living together are putting your child first, redefining your relationship, splitting responsibilities, and taking some time out for yourself.

Co Parenting with an Alcoholic or Drug Addict Ex

co-parents arguing as father is holding bottle of wine indicating he's been drinking

When co-parenting with an alcoholic ex or drug addict, it is essential to put your children’s needs first. You should protect your children by limiting their exposure to the addiction as much as possible and educating them about addiction. You should also provide them with love and emotional support.

Co-Parenting a Newborn – What You Need to Know

Upclose of newborn being held by father and mother in background

With a newborn in your life, it is nearly impossible to sever ties with your ex completely (although in some situations this is necessary). In the early years of a child’s existence, they form strong bonds with their parents. Therefore, it is of the utmost importance that you put your differences aside and co-parent together.

Co-parenting With a Liar – How to Make It Work

Father cheating with long nose and finger on lips hiding a secret

Parents who lie habitually are called pathological liars and they may exhibit compulsive and excessive lying daily. Practicing these behavioral traits in front of children could have extreme long-term negative ramifications. Often, therapy or keeping everything documented could be needed if you have to co-parent with a liar.

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