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Uninvolved Parenting Explained

Uninvolved parenting practices continuous emotional detachment between the children and parents. It is hands-off, providing only the necessities like food, clothing, and shelter, while essentially expecting children to fend for themselves in terms of structure and emotional support. Parents are uninterested in their child’s school life and interests.

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Parallel Parenting Vs. Co-Parenting

Parallel parenting is a parenting approach where each parent will raise their child according to their own rules and guidelines. There is limited communication between parents confined to necessary interactions only. Co-parenting is a method where parents work together to raise their children in a stable and healthy environment, albeit under 2 roofs.

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What Is Coercive Parenting?

Coercive parenting is harsh parental conduct that includes criticizing, intimidating, beating, screaming, and psychological control to compel a child’s obedience. Negative orders, verbal abuse, blatant acts of rage, and physical abuse are also common among coercive (or authoritarian) parents.

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What Is Nacho Parenting? [IS IT EFFECTIVE?]

Nacho parenting allows the biological parent to discipline their children without the stepparent interfering. It means the stepparent should step aside and let their spouse take charge of their children. The stepparent should act as a babysitter whenever the biological parent is absent.

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Should a Working Dad Get Up With Baby? [YES, HERE’S WHY]

It was historically common for dads to justify not getting up at night because “I work during the day.” Sadly, this excuse has not vanished from our society. But this stance belittles the job of the parent staying at home, can hamper a baby’s adjustment to sleeping through the night, and create long-term challenges with the father’s relationship with their partner.

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Examples of Scaffold Parenting & How It Works

Scaffolding is a method of teaching during which a knowledgeable adult collaborates with a child to help them learn concepts they would not have been able to learn on their own. It is most compatible with authoritative parenting and can be incorporated as an add-on tool to this parenting style.

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