Animated parent couples symbolizing culture differences

How Does Culture Affect Parenting Style?

Culture affects parenting styles through the emphasis placed on honor, the community’s norms and beliefs, socially accepted methods of discipline, the community’s role in childrearing, the roles of mothers vs. fathers, and the roles of sons vs. daughters; each of these factors may/will vary across cultures.

40 year old new father playing with baby son

Becoming a Father At 40 [WHAT YOU SHOULD KNOW]

Becoming a father at the age of 40 can seem daunting, especially with concerns about your health, your ability to keep up with your little one, and the reality of your vast difference in childhood experiences in very different decades. And while these are very valid worries to have, there are also many advantages to being a dad at this age.

Animated image portraying helicopter parenting

Free-Range Parenting vs. Helicopter Parenting [PROS & CONS]

Free-range parenting is when parents let their child make most decisions, even if they may result in harm. Helicopter parenting is when parents are overly involved and attempt to control every aspect of their children’s lives. Free-range parenting is preferred because it at least helps to develop children’s creativity and encourages personal development.

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