Baby’s Father Hates Me? 6 Reasons Explained

Angry father sitting and looking into the distance while wife holding baby star from a distance

Your baby’s father may hate you because he feels burdened with the responsibilities of being a father. It is also possible that he may feel that you do not recognize the effort he is putting into raising your child and feels undervalued as a parent, which may cause him to hate you. As a mother, … Read more

Why Does My Son Only Listen To His Father?

Young boy ignoring his mother who he is turned away from and only listens to his father

Your son may only listen to his father rather than you as his mother for a number of reasons. It may be that you have a gentle approach to reprimanding your son, it may also be that your son fears his father, or it may be that his father has acted on his words in … Read more

Father Wants Nothing To Do With Child?

Mother explaining to daughter why Father Wants Nothing To Do With Child

When explaining to your child that their father wants nothing to do with them, try your best to answer any pressing questions they may have. Explain the various reasons their father is not present in a gentle manner, and reassure them that it is not their fault. At the end of the conversation, you want … Read more

Why Does My Dad Blame Me For Everything?

Dad blaming daughter by leaning down and talking seriously to her

If you feel your dad blames you for everything, including his problems, it likely stems from internal conflict that he is unable to verbalize or address with you. He may be under a lot of pressure or be feeling overwhelmed and is taking his frustrations out on you. Your dad blaming you for everything is … Read more

Why Do Fathers Hate Their Daughter’s Boyfriends?

Angry father bending metal bars showing his strength

Generally speaking, a father’s disapproval of the relationship tends to stem from a deeply rooted desire to care for and protect the apple of his eye. He loves his daughter and is looking out for her best interests. It is an intriguing dilemma that a young man is challenged with when faced with his girlfriend’s … Read more

Why Are Fathers Overprotective of Their Daughters?

father and daughter holding hands at sunset

Fathers want to protect their daughters from harm. They try to take control to prevent their daughters from making mistakes and getting hurt. However, being overprotective may do more harm than good. It conveys a lack of trust and she may rebel when given a chance as she gets older. A father is typically a … Read more

Can My Step-Dad Adopt Me? [it depends]

Family speaking with adoption counsellor to see if ste-dad can adopt child

Adoption of a step-child by a step-dad is possible and common. Adoption laws differ from State to State and country to country, but generally, the consent of the non-custodial parent is required before a legal adoption can take place via a court order after a legal process. Step-families usually function together quite happily, with step-parents … Read more

Is Modern Parenting Better Than Traditional?

Vintage picture of Traditional Parenting vs Modern Parenting

There are two primary schools of thought regarding parenting- modern and traditional parenting. Of course, parenting has changed a lot since we were kids; if you are a 90’s kid, you were most likely raised in a traditional parenting style, but what does modern parenting look like? Traditional parenting is inflexible and rigid. The focus … Read more

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