Silhoutte showing co-parenting with parents putting arms together overtop of standing children to show working together and happy family

Co-Parenting After Infidelity [HOW TO MAKE IT WORK]

To co-parent after infidelity, you need to put boundaries in place and engage in a child-first mentality. Both parents must then develop and agree on when they will have the children staying with them. In the case of a divorce, this will likely take the form of a formal custody agreement. Be sure to remain flexible, as plans do not always go as planned.

Boyfriend looking over girlfriends shoulder at phone being jealous

Boyfriend Jealous of Co-Parenting Relationship [WHY?]

Co-parenting with your ex-partner isn’t always easy. To make things worse, a boyfriend who is jealous of your co-parenting relationship could cause a lot of trouble. Therefore, when a new partner comes into your child’s life, they need to accept and make peace with your co-parenting relationship. If you are broken-up, separated, or divorced from … Read more

cartoon demonstrating authoritarian parenting

Authoritative Vs. Authoritarian Parenting

Authoritarian parenting is an “old-school” parenting style based on strict rules that are enforced without explanation. The phrase “because I said so” is enough reason for authoritarian parents. Authoritative parents also set and enforce rules, but they do so with explanations and discussions.

Family watching Movie About Parenting Styles

Movies About Parenting Styles [TOP 5]

Parenting isn’t easy, and each parent has their own unique way of raising their kid(s). Each parenting style has its own pros and cons and differs in how it impacts the child long-term. Many movies show a parenting style executed in its own way. Since these movies are generally Hollywood movies, the situations may be … Read more

silhoutte of parents and family

Parent Meaning and Definition [DISCUSSED]

As a noun, the word parent refers to a person who has children or is raising them. As a verb, it refers to bringing up a child. Its use is also not limited to the context of child-raising. For instance, in business, a parent company has a controlling interest in other companies as well.

gender neutral sign

Gender Neutral Parent Names [COMPREHENSIVE LIST]

Kids of gender-neutral parents may call their parents a range of names, including Mada, Nari, Zeze, Dama, Nobi, Nory, and Baba. The name a child calls their parent can affect the parent-child relationship, making it essential that a child refers to their parent by a name that is well-received.

Toy figurines symbolizing stages of Socioeconomic Status

How Does Socioeconomic Status Affect Parenting Styles?

Socioeconomic status describes and encompasses your level of education, work opportunities, income, the area you live in, and your mental health. This affects how you build a relationship with your child and discipline them, with the poorest in society typically having less time available to spend with their children.

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