cartoon demonstrating authoritarian parenting

Authoritative Vs. Authoritarian Parenting

Authoritarian parenting is an “old-school” parenting style based on strict rules that are enforced without explanation. The phrase “because I said so” is enough reason for authoritarian parents. Authoritative parents also set and enforce rules, but they do so with explanations and discussions.

Family watching Movie About Parenting Styles

Movies About Parenting Styles [TOP 5]

Parenting isn’t easy, and each parent has their own unique way of raising their kid(s). Each parenting style has its own pros and cons and differs in how it impacts the child long-term. Many movies show a parenting style executed in its own way. Since these movies are generally Hollywood movies, the situations may be … Read more

silhoutte of parents and family

Parent Meaning and Definition [DISCUSSED]

As a noun, the word parent refers to a person who has children or is raising them. As a verb, it refers to bringing up a child. Its use is also not limited to the context of child-raising. For instance, in business, a parent company has a controlling interest in other companies as well.

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