Apathetic wife sitting on bed looking to side while upset husband sits in background not getting complimented

Wife Never Compliments Me (5 Reasons Why)

There are various reasons why your wife stopped giving you compliments, such as that she does not feel you appreciate her or feels you have not been complimenting her enough or has withdrawn because of something you did that hurt her. Alternatively, she may have started to take you for granted and has become overly … Read more

Father cheating with long nose and finger on lips hiding a secret

13 Signs to Know Your Father is Cheating

There are some telltale signs about when a father is cheating, and when a person is unfaithful to their partner in general. For example, they might start to dress differently, become guarded about privacy, or change their online behavior. These are just clues and may not mean that the individual is actually cheating. Cheating within … Read more

Depressed female looking at picture of her and ex-husband after breaking up with the father of her child

15 Tips for Breaking Up With the Father of Your Child

When breaking up with the father of your child, set a time and time limit, create a private space, and prepare what you will say in the breakup conversation. Set boundaries and be honest about why you are ending the relationship, but be considerate and gentle in your approach. Carefully involve and support your kids after the breakup.

Silhouette of man and woman with blue sky in background for blog post on how to Get Over the Father of Your Child

7 Tips to Get Over the Father of Your Child

You can get over the father of your child by acknowledging your feelings for him while reflecting on your relationship with him and being mindful of the reasons why your relationship did not work out. You can also consider avoiding any triggering places or people who remind you of him and when you are ready, enter the dating market to restore your hope in love. 

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