My Husband Goes Out Every Weekend Without Me

Your husband may be going out without you to embrace his independence or feels he needs the support of his friends after a long week. If you’re upset about him going out every weekend without you, it would be best to address your feelings so you can understand why he goes out every weekend without you.

As a wife, you naturally want to go out with your husband goes out on weekends. When your husband goes out every weekend without you, it’s understandable for you to feel excluded, wondering if you’ve done something to cause him to go out without you every weekend.

If your husband goes out every weekend without you, it is not necessarily an indication of how he feels about you as his wife. Establishing potential reasons why your husband goes out every weekend without you will be beneficial in helping you understand why he is behaving this way. Once you understand the potential causes of his behavior, you’ll be able to figure out how you can get him to spend more time with you on weekends.

Angry wife in background because her husband goes out every weekend

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Potential reasons why your husband goes out every weekend without you

Here are potential reasons why your husband goes out every weekend without you.

1. Your husband sees you every day of the week

It is possible that from your husband’s perspective, he sees you at home every day of the week, and he considers that quality time spent with you.

He may see weekends as his opportunity to spend time going out with other people, like his friends and extended family, with who he does not get to spend time during the week.

If you think that this may be your husband’s thought process in going out every weekend without you, it is best that you discuss the situation with him.

Share your feelings with him about how you feel left out when he goes out every weekend without you. Explain to him that time spent together at home during the week is not the same as going out together on weekends. Hopefully, he will understand where you’re coming from and try to make a concerted effort to go out with you on weekends too.

When speaking to your husband about this situation, be open to compromise, perhaps having him spend Saturday with his friends and Sunday with you. Try to be understanding of the fact that he needs his free time and keep in mind that it is healthy to have independence in a relationship.

If you’re not comfortable with the idea of directly expressing your feelings to your husband, consider scheduling dates with your husband on the weekend to ensure the two of you get to go out together on the weekend.

Be sure to consult him in advance to see what his plans for the weekend are, and include him in the planning of the dates. The last thing you want is for him to feel ambushed by the date or have him unable to go out with you because he already has plans.

2. Your husband feels overwhelmed by life and uses going out on weekends to escape from his responsibilities

It is likely that your husband is under a lot of pressure. He may be experiencing a range of issues, including trouble at work, experiencing mental anguish, suffering from health complications, having issues with his loved ones, and potentially even being under financial strain.

If you are aware of any issues in his life that may be causing him to feel overwhelmed, it is valuable to consider ways you can assist him in dealing with these issues or helping him overcome them.

However, if you are unable to practically assist him, your empathy and support will go a long way in drawing him closer to you. If he feels loved and understood by you, he is likely to regard your presence as a safe space and feel there is no need for him to escape by going out without you on weekends.

Bear in mind that if your husband is under a lot of pressure, it may be healthy for him to get a break by going out on weekends. Judge the situation with empathy, try to see things from his perspective, and find a compromise that allows you to go out with him on weekends while allowing him the freedom to also go out without you sometimes.

3. Your husband thinks you’re no longer fun to go out with

If your husband feels that you have lost the sense of adventure you once had, he may feel that he cannot go out and have fun with you the same way he used to in the past.

If this is the case, consider reminding your husband how fun you are. Perhaps plan a few surprise dates during the week to show him that you have the desire to go out and have fun with him.

Extend an olive branch by going with him to places he enjoys. This will show him that you remember the things he likes, takes an interest in them, and want to build memories with him doing things he loves.

He is likely to appreciate your effort and feel the need to reciprocate and create opportunities for the two of you to spend time together going out on weekends too. Soon he will see that you’re still the fun woman he married and want to spend his weekends going out with you as well.

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Having your husband go out every weekend without you can be hurtful, especially if you don’t spend sufficient quality time together during the week. It’s only normal that you as a wife feel concerned about your husband going out without you every weekend.

While it may be a cause for concern if you pick up on a change in his behavior towards you, it is possible that he simply wants to spend time with loved ones he doesn’t get to see during the week and wants to catch a break from the responsibilities he faces at home.

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