Wife crying as after husband pushed her and walked away in distance

My Husband Pushed Me During An Argument, HELP!

Regardless of circumstances and gender, nobody should ever push their partner in an argument. Pushing can be classified as assault and could be just the first sign that your partner is physically abusive, which will escalate. This is red flag can’t be ignored, and there must be consequences for it. Relationships can be complicated, and … Read more

Wife with back to husband in bed because he never initiates intimacy

My Husband Never Initiates Intimacy, WHY?

If your husband never initiates intimacy with you, he may be experiencing high levels of stress or lower energy levels. He may also be feeling rejected, or self-conscious about his body as he ages. Aging men also have a naturally lower drive. It can be difficult to understand when your spouse seems to have no interest … Read more

Tired husband sleeps on the couch with open books surrounding him

8 Reasons Why Your Husband Sleeps All The Time

Your husband may be napping all the time because he’s overworked, he’s trying to avoid his work responsibilities, he’s trying to avoid his familial responsibilities, his poor diet causes lethargy, he’s not physically active, he has an underlying health condition, or he’s suffering from depression. As a partner, you’re naturally concerned when your husband sleeps … Read more

Man who is dating a therapist is sitting in therapy across from a therapist

17 Pros And Cons Of Dating A Therapist

Pros of dating a therapist are that they’re good listeners, very patient, and very invested in the well-being of the relationship. The cons are that they’re always analyzing everything, your friends will constantly want their advice, and you can’t hide anything from them. Dating a therapist is like winning the jackpot, right? You get your … Read more

Couple at appointment realizing it is too late for marriage counselling

Too Late For Marriage Counseling? 10 Signs

How do you know when it’s too late for marriage counseling? Signs indicating that it’s too late for marriage counseling include loss of compassion, empathy, and love; abuse; an unwillingness to try; feeling relief when your spouse isn’t around; lack of respect; and if either party has already moved on. Counseling is effective when both … Read more

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