My Husband Keeps Telling Me to Leave (4 Reasons Why)

Angry father sitting and looking into the distance while wife holding baby star from a distance

If your husband keeps telling you to leave it might be because of these three reasons: He is afraid of losing you, wants to control you, or proves his superiority and importance in your life. The fact that he wants you to leave can also be the reason.  All married couples are familiar with the scenario … Read more

Considering Divorce Because of In-Laws (5 Tips)

Couple meeting with therapist because they are consider divorce because of in-laws

If you are considering divorce because your in-laws have detrimentally impacted your marriage, it does not have to result in divorce. There are various boundaries that can be put in place to protect your marriage while allowing your partner to have a relationship with their parents. If you’re considering divorce because of your in-laws, it’s … Read more

Why Does My Husband Want To Wear My Bra And Panties?

Husband Want To Wear Wife's Bra And Panties and is holding a bra over his face like sunglasses

The reason men prefer to wear women’s underwear ranges from physical to psychological. Some men prefer to wear women’s underwear because it is more comfortable, whereas others get sexually aroused by this fetish. Each case should be dealt with in seclusion as the reasons are too varied. It is no secret that all relationships have … Read more

My Husband Lacks The Ambition To Get A Better Job (Help!)

Lazy husband at computer with feet on desk and head slouched on chair because he lacks ambition

Lack of ambition can result from traumatic life events, mental health concerns, or even a lifetime of not having to take responsibility. It places strain on a relationship, impacts planning for your future, and causes the ability to connect with your partner. Honest communication is needed to move forward.   You love your husband – … Read more

My Wife Wants Me To Sleep With Another Woman!?

Wife showing husband pictures of potential woman to her husband, because she wants him to sleep with another woman

The answer to this question lies in the current state of your marriage. There can be several reasons why your wife would want you to have sex with another woman. Some of them may be positive, and some may have a more sinister purpose. Here are a few of the reasons why your wife wants … Read more

Why Does Family Hurt You The Most? (4 Reasons)

Woman sitting on rock in water looking at sunset reflection on when her family hurt her

Family hurts you the most because they take you for granted, make fun of you, and take advantage of you in moments of vulnerability. Often family hurts you because of their own inner conflict or based on the fact that they grew up surrounded by people who had unhealthy conflict management styles. Given that being … Read more

My Husband Gets Mad When I Cry…Why?

Wife crying as after husband pushed her and walked away in distance

It is a common misconception that women are more emotional than men and often husbands get mad and frustrated when their wives cry for what they feel are frivolous reasons. This ultimately boils down to a disconnect and misunderstanding between yourself and your husband. Your husband might think you’re crying for attention or to deflect … Read more

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