Call Of Duty Terms To Say To Your Boyfriend

Call of Duty is a favorite among many guys because of the fast-paced shooting and movement, which keeps them glued to their screens for hours! If your boyfriend loves CoD and you’re looking for some CoD terms that will surprise and impress him, you’re in the right place! Here are the best Call of Duty terms you can say to your boyfriend!

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Call of Duty terms you can say to your boyfriend are:

  1. What a camper!
  2. He’s cracked, tagged, one-shot
  3. What’s your KD?
  4. What’s your loadout?
  5. Try to pre-fire the corner
  6. It’s chalked, or did you chalk the match?
  7. He’s sweaty, or he’s a sweat
  8. You’re twisted in this match!

You can say many Call of Duty terms to your boyfriend that will impress him more than anything he does in-game! Specific terms will make a real impact and win you bonus points, which we’ll cover throughout the article, so keep reading!

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What CoD Things Should You Say To Your Boyfriend?

The most successful Call of Duty terms you can use to impress your boyfriend will often require that you have some knowledge about the game.

If you can identify the gun, he’s using or the objective he’s trying to accomplish (like capturing a point or trying to win an intense gunfight), whatever you say to him will be more impactful, and you’ll avoid saying something that may not fit the situation.

You don’t necessarily have to install the game yourself, but showing an interest and asking questions about the guns he uses or the strategies he employs (like why did he go around the outside of the building and not through the inside) will impress him.   

He might reply with, “I like to surprise my opponent and keep them guessing by changing locations,” which allows you to use some of your Call of Duty terms!

1. What A Camper!

Camping or a camper refers to a player that remains in one place for long periods and waits for other players to shoot in the back. Players consider this a cowardly way to play and behavior only a noob or newb (a beginner) would do.

You’ll likely have many opportunities to use this one! Players like campers about as much as they do cheaters, so when you watch your boyfriend play, and he runs into a building, only to be shot in the back and die from someone waiting in a corner, you can exclaim with an irritated voice “Oh common, what a camper!”

2. He’s Cracked, Tagged, One-Shot

The term He’s cracked could mean that someone is on a roll and doing very well, but it could also mean that the player your boyfriend is fighting during a gunfight is wounded.

You may also hear your boyfriend say He’s tagged or He’s one-shot, which has the same meaning as cracked, and means he wants his team to focus their bullets on a specific player because they are hurt and almost down.

If you see your boyfriend throw a grenade that hit another player, but the player didn’t die, or he severely hurt another player, you can say with a half-rushed voice, “He’s one-shot!”.

3. What’s your KD?

KD or Kill-death refers to the ratio of how many kills he has to how many times he’s died during his match. You could ask your boyfriend, “What’s your KD?”

If his KD is 10 – 2, you know he’s doing pretty well. A KD of 8 – 5 means he might be having a tough game. If his KD is 2 – 6, meaning died more times than he got kills, his opponents are likely much better than him.

If his KD is good, you can tell him he’s twisted, which has a positive meaning. He’s feeling great, hitting all his shots, and his movement is excellent.

If his KD looks tough, you might say, “It looks chalked,” with an empathetic voice, indicating that the situation looks unwinnable.

4. What’s Your Loadout?

The term loadout refers to the custom layout of guns, devices, or grenades your boyfriend likes to use. He will prepare this before entering a match.

You might ask, “What loadout are you using?”. He might mention using an AR (assault rifle), SMG (Submachine gun), or a Sniper rifle.

5. Try To Pre-Fire The Corner

Pre-fire means you start shooting before you go around a corner because you know an enemy is there, and you want the advantage. 

If you notice your boyfriend’s enemy ran away from him and around a corner, but after chasing, he lost the gunfight, suggest that he try to pre-fire next time.

6. It’s Chalked, Or Did You Chalk The Match?

If your boyfriend is fighting a losing battle, you may hear him say, “This is chalked,” meaning it’s over and unwinnable.The term chalk means to end something.

If you notice your boyfriend is no longer playing his previous game, you might ask, “Did you chalk your last match?” (Did you end or finish your last match)?

7. He’s Sweaty, Or He’s A Sweat

When a CoD player pours all their effort into acquiring the most potent weapons and always plays at 120 percent capacity, the intensity makes them sweaty players! While it’s good to try and win, sweaty players employ professional tactics and gun down many more players than the average player.

If you see that a single player downed your boyfriend and his entire team, you might say, “That player is sweaty!”.

8. You’re Twisted In This Match

The term twisted means that someone is doing exceptionally well – not missing shots, capturing objectives quickly, and attaining a great KD.

You’ll likely notice when your boyfriend is doing well by his excitement in the game! While his on a roll, you could say in an impressive voice, “You’re twisted this game!”.

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Remember that knowing what to say will take a little effort on your part, i.e., understanding the situation a little. You can use the terms chalked or twisted if you understand his KD.

Knowing what guns he likes lets you talk about pre-firing and the rest of his loadout.

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