Why Does My Dad Get Mad Over Little Things?

Having a dad who gets mad over little things can disturb your peace as a child and create an unsettling environment. Naturally, you would want to understand why your dad gets mad over little things because his mood affects you and your relationship with him.

Reasons why your dad gets mad over little things:

  1. He Gets Mad Due To Unresolved Prior Issues
  2. He Gets Mad Due To Anger Issues
  3. He Gets Mad Due To Substance Abuse
  4. He Gets Mad Because Of Job Stress
  5. He Gets Mad Because He Drinks Too Much Caffeine

It’s valuable to understand why your dad gets made over little issues so that you can empathize with him and process his behavior so that it is less upsetting for you. However, it’s important to understand that your dad is an adult and responsible for how he acts and reacts and that children should never be blamed for a parent’s negative behaviour.

Let’s explore potential reasons why your dad gets mad over little things.

angry and mad father pointing at son while screaming

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1. Dad Gets Mad Due To Unresolved Prior Issues

Your dad may get mad over little things because there are prior issues he has not resolved.

Prior issues may include fights that he has had with your mother. If your mom and dad fight often, it is possible that he takes out his temper on you because he needs an outlet for his frustrations. Your dad’s behavior is unfair to you, especially when you have done nothing wrong or made an innocent mistake. In such an instance, remember that you are not at fault, even though it may feel like it.

Additionally, prior issues may have to do with his relationship with his siblings. If you have siblings and notice that your dad gets mad when you have fights with your siblings, his anger may stem from him being reminded of trauma that he experienced due to his sibling’s behavior.

He may be getting mad because he feels you are treating your siblings poorly and wants to end it immediately. While you and your siblings may be doing something that you consider harmless fun, he may be reminded of times when his siblings made fun of him, which causes him to get mad.

Furthermore, your dad’s prior issues may relate to his being bullied growing up. If you notice that your dad gets angry when someone teases him or another family member, it is likely due to him being reminded of when he was bullied as a child.

Remember that you cannot change your dad’s upbringing as a child, so you should not beat yourself up about it. At best, you can take note of the things that trigger him that can be interpreted as bullying and try not to do it again.

Finally, your dad’s prior issues may relate to his upbringing and relationship with his parents or grandparents. If your dad had a bad relationship with his parents, where his parents would physically abuse him or shout at him, it is likely that he has picked up their negative behavior and has learned that this behavior is okay as a parenting style.

It is vital for you to understand that just because it was normal for him does not mean that it is okay for him to treat you that way. You deserve to be treated with respect, and spoken to calmly, and should never be verbally or physically abused by anyone, especially your dad.

2. Dad Gets Mad Due To Anger Issues

Your dad may get mad over little things because he has anger issues due to a buildup of emotions he has not addressed. Your dad may feel frustrated by many things he has not properly addressed in the past, which causes him to have little outbursts when he feels overwhelmed by everything he has kept inside.

If your dad grew up being taught that “real men don’t cry” or was ridiculed for showing emotions, it is possible that he grew up believing that being aggressive is the only way to be respected. How your dad was raised to communicate may have resulted in your dad not knowing how to express himself respectfully because he was not allowed to express himself as a child.

You are not responsible for teaching your dad how to communicate respectfully. As a child, the best you can do is respectfully speak to him and express your feelings. While you risk him getting angry at you for expressing yourself, it is valuable to learn how to communicate your emotions so that you do not grow up having anger issues like your dad.

If your dad finds healthy coping mechanisms such as exercising or journaling, it may help him eliminate tension and have a positive outlet for his frustrations or emotions.

3. Dad Gets Mad Due To Substance Abuse

If your dad gets drunk often or uses drugs, these substances affect his mood.

Drugs and alcohol have different effects on everyone. While some people may get happy when they indulge in certain substances, others become angry, lose their temper, and shout or become violent.

Additionally, your dad may be getting mad over little things because he feels agitated when he has not engaged in substance abuse because he has become dependent on the substance as a coping mechanism. In this regard, he is likely getting mad as a physical response to his body not getting the relevant substance.

If your dad’s anger relates to substance abuse, you must remind yourself that the substances control him, and his behavior has nothing to do with you. The onus is on your dad to get clean from the drugs or learn how to manage his alcohol intake so that he does not take out his temper on you.

4. Dad Gets Mad Because Of Job Stress

If your dad is under pressure at work, his job stress is likely causing him to get mad over little things. He may be concerned that he will not be able to provide for you and your family and reacts out of anger because he is overwhelmed with worry.

While it is valid for him to be concerned about providing for your family, he needs to remember that taking care of your family is both financial and emotional. Remember that it is not your responsibility to take care of your family or manage your dad’s emotions.

5. Dad Gets Mad Because He Drinks Too Much Caffeine

Caffeine has a profound effect on people’s moods. While caffeine is known for making people more alert, too much caffeine can cause people to become agitated, anxious, overwhelmed, or even depressed.

It’s easy to forget that caffeine is psychoactive, which means it influences and changes how we think and feel. While it’s not as dramatic or intense as other psychoactive substances, it can still have profound impacts on individuals, especially those with caffeine sensitivity.

If you notice your dad drinks a lot of tea, coffee, or energy drinks, he is likely drinking too much caffeine. The high intake of caffeine is most likely affecting his mood in a negative manner which causes him to get mad over little things.

Your dad should learn to find healthy sources of energy, such as eating fruits and vegetables that are natural energy sources that will provide him with energy without causing harmful side effects.


Even though your dad may be getting mad over little things because of his previous trauma and unhealthy habits, you need to remember that your dad is responsible for taking care of you as a parent.

Try not to take your dad’s anger personally, and remember that you are worthy of love and deserve respect.

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