Why Are Fathers and Dads So Annoying? (4 Common Reasons)

Fathers can be annoying for multiple reasons, age differences, fear of their children growing up, reactions to unsuitable behaviour, worries about their children’s future. These can stem from a lack of communication and sitting down together and discussing can solve annoyances before they become larger problems.

The reasons why Fathers can be annoying come down to the following four aspects:

  • Fathers are jealous about the youthful, carefree and exciting phase of life that their children are going through;
  • Fathers feel rejected the moment that they realise their children are slowly but surely becoming independent; and
  • Fathers will always be protective of their family – from the day that the child is born until he becomes an adult himself.
  • Children can be annoying, sometimes you should look at your own behaviour before projecting on to others

Although these four aspects sound very serious and glum, they are indeed common and quite natural in the Father-child relationship. Although teenagers do often feel annoyed by their Fathers, one could also add feeling embarrassed by their parents. Children, especially teenagers, often wish that the earth would open and swallow them because of something that the parent did or said.

I bet you think you are the only person in the world that has a Father who is super annoying, rude and sometimes downright embarrassing. Just talk to your friends and they will most likely have the same complaint although you considered their Father to actually be a very nice guy. They probably feel the same about your Father.

Annoying dad standing over shoulder of his daughter checking her work

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Examples of Annoying Things That Fathers Do

The list of annoying things that Fathers do, is endless. However here are a few examples that many children complain about:

  • Fathers ask endless questions about your day
  • They interrogate you about your friends and their families
  • They tell lame jokes
  • They overshare on social media
  • Fathers can be excessively dramatic about how hard their lives were
  • They complain about bills
  • They are overprotective and treat their children like babies
  • They criticize their children’s diet (especially when it comes to fast food)
  • Fathers ask embarrassing questions in public
  • They crash your date night. 
  • They share family pictures on social media
  • They expecting you to tag along to the shops 
  • They live their own childhood dreams through their children
  • Fathers dish out chores left, right and centre
  • They are openly affectionate in public
  • They try to be cool and act like a teenager
  • Fathers invade your privacy – on phone/diary
  • They tell their child what and what not to wear
  • They compare their children to other children
  • They shout unnecessarily
  • They do not show up even when they have promised to do so.

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Reasons Why Fathers Are Annoying

As mentioned above, the reasons why Fathers are annoying (or perceived as being annoying) can be contributed to the following three aspects:

1. Jealousy

Fathers look at their children and realise, with envy, that their children are in the prime of their lives while they themselves are getting older.

Also the moment a man becomes a father, he is bogged down with being responsible for his family, working harder to provide for them, setting a good example, and having less time for himself and his interests in life.

Fathers, inevitably, will feel jealous about the carefree, exciting, fun-filled phase of life that their children are experiencing. Also, children are young, enthusiastic, energetic agile, and healthy whereas Dad is probably starting to experience the aches, pains, and lack of energy that his advanced years are bringing with them. 

2. Rejection

As children grow older and gather knowledge and skills, they become less dependent on their Fathers. Dads realise that their children can cope more and more without him and that they do not need Dad by their side each step of the way.

Fathers experience this as rejection because a parent’s life (normally) revolves around their children. Suddenly Dad does not need to watch them constantly, be with them wherever they go, or do things for them that they used to be too clumsy or weak to do themselves.

Even activities that were considered dangerous for children, can now be managed safely and effectively. Children see this as “growing up” while Dad sees this as “they don’t need me anymore”.

3. Protective

Essentially the main duty or responsibility in the life of any Father is to protect his loved ones. Fathers are annoying because even though they feel that their children have rejected them, they will keep on caring and being concerned about their children.

Fathers are inherently protective and they will remain that way for the rest of their or their child’s life. They will do whatever it takes to keep their children safe and protective from the evils of the world – whether the child is aware of these evils or not.

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4. Lack of Patience

Of course, a relationship is a two-way street, and before you march up to your father with the list above it is worth looking at your own behavior and seeing if your father being annoying is in reaction to something you are doing.

Do you do your share around the house, do you make an effort to talk to your parents, if you think you are becoming independent do you show the behaviour that demonstrates this.

Sometimes a little empathy can help you realize why you might be getting annoyed by your parents and looking at something from both sides is both a skill and a sign of maturity.

Father and son standing with arms shrugging wondering the difference between father and dad

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Understanding Your Father’s Perspective

If you have an annoying Father try to keep the following in mind:

  • You and your Father come from different generations and his perspective of the world is going to be different from yours.
  • The childhood that your father had, might not look the same as the childhood you are currently going through.
  • You and your father might have different personalities which can give rise to conflict and misunderstandings.
  • Your father has experienced more in life (good and bad) and therefore can predict better how a situation might develop.
  • Your father is the head of the family and is responsible for the safety and the well-being of the entire family.
  • Try to look at the bigger picture and not make a mountain out of a small or insignificant incident and remember
  • Your father loves you even if they sometimes do not know how to show or express those feelings.

How to Cope With Annoying Fathers

There are specific strategies available that children can employ to deal with annoying fathers. This could help to improve and strengthen the relationship and make life easier for all members of the family. You could try the following:

  • Open and honest communication goes a long way in solving many problems. Try to open a dialogue on the issue that annoys you. One way of doing this is to encourage regular family meetings where all members of the family get the opportunity to speak their minds.
  • Think rationally and objectively about the situation. Is it really that bad? Does it really mean the end of the world for you?
  • Show respect to your parents and you will receive respect in return. Tell them that you respect and appreciate them.
  • Make an effort to spend quality time with your annoying father. This way you will get to know each other and what each other’s likes and dislikes are.
  • Try to identify the real reason behind his annoying behaviour and address that with him or with someone who is knowledgeable in that field.
  • Discuss the problem with another member of the family. This person might be able to support you or to look at the issue more objectively.
  • Try to reach a compromise through open communication.
  • Point out specifically what annoys you, why and what you expect from the parent.
  • Listen and pay attention to your Dad’s fears and insecurities concerning his family.
  • Make an effort to understand that your Father is very valuable in your life and that you are probably the centre of his universe.

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As with all human behaviour, the golden rule is to try and understand why that person is behaving a certain way. It is a life skill to try and put yourself in that person’s shoes and understand that he must have a reason for behaving like he does or saying the things he says.

All behaviour is motivated which means there is a reason behind it. If we can practice empathy, all our relationships will improve. Your Father is annoying because he wants to be your knight in shining armor, he may be scared of losing you and of course don’t forget, as much as he is annoying you, you may be annoying him!

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