Ways To Ignore Your Dad (6 Helpful Tips)

You can practice several methods to ignore your dad. You can learn to free yourself by ignoring all accusations, setting strict boundaries, and detaching yourself from him and the toxic relationship between the two of you. By not reasoning with your dad, you will keep clear from all possible conflicts.

Fathers with toxic behaviors can make any offspring’s life challenging or even miserable. Sometimes, the best thing for you can be to ignore the other party in order to protect yourself and your peace of mind.

Some situations definitely call for silent treatment! Are you fed up with your dad? Stay tuned for several tips and tricks you can make use of in order to ignore your dad’s existence completely!

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How to Start Ignoring Your Dad

The best thing about being your own person is that you get to decide what kind of relationship you prefer to have with your father. By making the correct choices according to the type of relationship you are in, you are looking after yourself and your emotional well-being.

You can learn to ignore your father efficiently following these steps:

Step 1: Choose the Type of Behavior You Want to Ignore

You have to ask yourself, “What behavior is causing the most problems currently?” if you have narrowed it down to a specific behavior, start to ignore the behavior completely instead of responding the way you would usually do.

Step 2: When Your Dad Does the Type of Behavior, Act Like You Don’t Notice It

It is best to be completely silent when you start to realize your dad is behaving in a way that starts conflict situations. Turn your attention to anything else, making your dad think you can neither see nor hear him.

You can even choose to turn your back, so he won’t notice you looking at him from the corner of your eye. When ignoring your dad, it is crucial to not give in to any comments, gaslighting the situation.

Step 3: Wait Patiently for This Type of Behavior to Stop Completely

When your dad realizes that he won’t be able to trigger or anger you, you can return your attention to him while still ignoring him completely. It would be best if you ignored the behavior every time it happens. By doing so, you will be decreasing or stopping certain behaviors that could lead to conflict.

Helpful Tips to Ignore Your Dad

1. Set and Enforce Boundaries

The whole point of boundaries is to ensure that we set clear expectations and limits for how others are allowed to treat us. By setting boundaries, you will be creating both a physical and emotional space between you and your father.

It is crucial to remember that toxic people will always resist boundaries. Setting boundaries with your toxic father may be difficult because he may not respect your limits, but do not let that upset you. Boundaries are essential to any healthy relationship.

It is alright to limit contact with your father, and it may even be okay to eliminate all contact. You have to understand that you do not owe your dad anything, a relationship should always be built on a sense of respect, and it is unable to respect people who continuously treat you badly.

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2. Do Not Try to Change Your Father

Changing people who don’t want to change will drain your energy and leave you aggravated or sad. It is better to focus on the things you can control in the relationship instead. These are things like how you respond to your father, your choices, and your own behavior in conflict situations.

3. Always Have an Exit Plan

When you notice things are going south, you can take that as your sign to either leave or politely ask your father to leave. The changes are good that your father will get more aggravated or insulting.

This is why it is better to end your visit at first glance of trouble. You are never obligated to stay where you feel uncomfortable in order to be polite or keep your father happy.

4. Do Not Try to Argue or Reason With Your Father

By now, you will have realized that your father always gets overly mad when trying to reason with him to see your side of the story. It is impossible to argue or reason with a person who is irrational, emotional, or intoxicated. This is why it is important to save your energy and think of other ways to get out of the situation.

5. You Will Need to Prepare for Your Father’s Behavior to Get Worse

When you start to ignore your father, his behavior will get worse before it gets better.

6. Take Care of Yourself First

Dealing with a toxic parent, especially a toxic father, is extremely stressful and can take a huge toll on your emotional and physical health. It is of utmost importance to always prioritize your emotional and physical well-being.

Start with some basics, like getting enough sleep and eating enough and regularly. It is also advised to surround yourself with positive people who acknowledge your feelings.

Setting boundaries will be much easier and rewarding if you choose to ignore and detach when you’re in your best shape, both emotionally and physically.

Change Needs to Start With You

Changing the way that you react to your toxic father can work towards a more healthy relationship. It is only natural that your father will try to resist and disrespect the changes you make.

Healthy transitions can be stressful and difficult but setting the right boundaries with your father is the correct path to stray away from his toxic energy and unrealistic expectations.

Signs of a Toxic Father

There are several signs that your father might be toxic. However, there is some behavior you can note when starting to realize your father is toxic, and you will need to start ignoring him. He may be self-centered and doesn’t think or keep your needs or feelings in mind.

Your father might easily get triggered emotionally. When this happens, he will most likely overreact or create drama where it is unnecessary.

Another toxic trait would be that your father overshares. Maybe he shares inappropriate information, like details about his intimate life. Toxic people tend to find a person to support them emotionally while destroying that person in the process.

If your father is always seeking control, you will need to cut him out of your life. He might use guilt or money to get you to listen and spend time with him.

Another toxic trait of a father would be that he is harshly critical towards you. He makes you feel like you are never good enough, and your good traits or accomplishments are overlooked.

The last and easiest way to tell if your father is toxic is to notice if he lacks boundaries. These are things like showing up uninvited or always looking down or attacking your life choices.

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You are the only one who can change your type of relationship with your father, and you can start whenever you’re ready! Either by taking big or small steps, you are sure to learn how to ignore your father and exactly when and where to do so.

A toxic father can make your life a living hell. They can either be critical, controlling, or extremely manipulative. It will always be a challenge to separate yourself from your father emotionally, but if you set your own goals, you will live a fulfilling life, as you are the protagonist of your own life!

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