Full Marriage Equality; What Is It & Does It Exist?

Rainbow flag symbolizing equality for marriage

Marriage equality applies marriage law equally to same-sex and opposite-sex couples. The endeavors of civil rights organizations and medical and scientific communities have been the reason for its acceptance. As of 2022, marriage between same-sex couples is performed and legally recognized in 30 countries across the globe.

Co-Parenting a Newborn – What You Need to Know

Upclose of newborn being held by father and mother in background

With a newborn in your life, it is nearly impossible to sever ties with your ex completely (although in some situations this is necessary). In the early years of a child’s existence, they form strong bonds with their parents. Therefore, it is of the utmost importance that you put your differences aside and co-parent together.

Co-parenting With a Liar – How to Make It Work

Father cheating with long nose and finger on lips hiding a secret

Parents who lie habitually are called pathological liars and they may exhibit compulsive and excessive lying daily. Practicing these behavioral traits in front of children could have extreme long-term negative ramifications. Often, therapy or keeping everything documented could be needed if you have to co-parent with a liar.

Co-Parenting as a Step-Mom [UNIQUE CHALLENGES]

step-mom holding small boy helping him walk and co-parenting with biological mother and son

Building a special relationship as a step-mom while respecting the biological parent’s role is vital. A child-first mentality requires all adult parties to prioritize the child’s needs above their own emotions, which means not badmouthing or undermining the biological parents while co-parenting.

Can You See a Gynecologist Without Your Parents Knowing?

Youth seeing a Gynecologist Without their Parents Knowing

You can go to a gynecologist without your parents being present. It is possible to make appointments to see a physician or nurse sans your parents at most Planned Parenthood health centers. Thus, the same is true of many other gynecologist offices. Some States have different minimum ages where you can seek medical help without your parents’ presence or knowledge, but the benchmark is typically 16 years old for solo medical visits.

What Happened to the Dad Who Cut Daughter’s Hair?

A father doing his daughter's hair on couch while talking on phone

Going viral can be fun for some, especially when belting out sea shanties. But for many, going viral means your name will live on in infamy. Such as the fate of Schaffen Frederick, a father who cut his thirteen-year-old daughter’s hair because “actions have consequences”. While Frederick’s statement is true, he probably didn’t envision that those words were going to apply to himself.

Co-Parenting After Infidelity [HOW TO MAKE IT WORK]

Silhoutte showing co-parenting with parents putting arms together overtop of standing children to show working together and happy family

To co-parent after infidelity, you need to put boundaries in place and engage in a child-first mentality. Both parents must then develop and agree on when they will have the children staying with them. In the case of a divorce, this will likely take the form of a formal custody agreement. Be sure to remain flexible, as plans do not always go as planned.

Boyfriend Jealous of Co-Parenting Relationship [WHY?]

Boyfriend looking over girlfriends shoulder at phone being jealous

Co-parenting with your ex-partner isn’t always easy. To make things worse, a boyfriend who is jealous of your co-parenting relationship could cause a lot of trouble. Therefore, when a new partner comes into your child’s life, they need to accept and make peace with your co-parenting relationship. If you are broken-up, separated, or divorced from … Read more

Should I Be Upset That My Husband Watches Porn? [ANSWERED]

man on computer watching porn

You have every right to be upset that your husband watches porn if this is not something he was open about with you. If your husband was secretly watching porn, this can be seen as a breach of trust and cheating. If you and your husband are both fine with him watching porn, then it goes to stand that you wouldn’t find it as upsetting as a spouse who only discovered it later.

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