How To Talk To In-Laws About Divorce (6 Tips)

Divorce paper work on table with hands on either side as couple gets ready to tell in-laws

The best way to talk to in-laws about divorce would be to be open and honest about your feelings, highlighting the reason for your decision. Always make sure that you present them with key facts during the discussion, without having to feel pressured into providing too many details. If you wondering how to talk to … Read more

My Husband Constantly Questions Me (5 Reasons Why!)

Husband questioning wife on bed while wife tries to calm him down

If your husband constantly questions you, it may be because he feels he is more knowledgeable, sees himself as the head of the household, and should be the decision-maker, he doesn’t trust your judgment. Alternatively, he is trying to play devil’s advocate or thinks he is contributing to a discussion. If your husband constantly questions … Read more

Why Does My Husband Pick Fights With Me When He Drinks?

Husband who has been drinking picks fight with his wife in the background

If you’ve been wondering why your husband or boyfriend picks fights with you when he drinks, it’s important to know that fights that emerge because of alcohol use are more scientific and neurologic than you might think. Alcohol affects your mood; it increases aggression and influences your neurological balance. These may be the main contributors … Read more

Why Does My Family Hate Me? (4 Reasons)

Young man wondering why his family hates him

Your family may hate you because they think you’re ungrateful, find you unhelpful, consider you disrespectful, feel you do not spend enough quality time with them, or are offended by the boundaries you have put in place in your relationship with them. Feeling like your family hates you is an incredibly lonely, disheartening experience. Wondering … Read more

Husband Wants Me To Sleep With Another Woman, WHY?

Husband encouraging wife to sleep with another woman while two women sit on couch with husband watching

Your husband may want you to sleep with another woman because cuckoldry is a popular fantasy where men want their wives to sleep with other people, but there are different reasons why men prefer this fantasy. Different reasons range from “humiliation” to “sperm competition,” and we will look at what they mean and how popular … Read more

Do Single Dads Prefer Single Mothers? (6 Reasons)

Single dad with his two boys on either side posing with white background

Single dads prefer single mothers because they have mutual responsibilities, priorities, and shared interests. Single dads are drawn to single mothers because they experience similar hardships and see a relationship with a single mother as an opportunity to rebuild a family unit by joining the families together. Single mothers generally understand the challenges of raising … Read more

My Husband Did Nothing For Our Anniversary – What Now?

Wife upset while having coffee because husband Did Nothing For their Anniversary, and husband is looking off in the distance

Your husband may have had other concerns that prevented him from doing anything for your anniversary, including financial constraints, work stressors, or health concerns. If you didn’t clearly express your expectations, he may not know this is how you experience his love for you.   So, the day of your anniversary arrived, and you woke … Read more

Why Does My Wife Get Mad Over Small Things?

Upset wife getting mad over small things with smoke coming out of her ears for effect

Overreacting is a common phenomenon among mammals as a method to protect themselves against potential danger. When people overreact or get irritated by “small things,” it is usually a sign of a bigger problem they are trying to avoid.  It’s common in all relationships to have a bit of strain or tension. Being in a … Read more

Can Parents Track And Read Text Messages?

Child hiding phone from his parents who are trying to look at it

Parents can track and read their child’s text messages if they are under the age of 18 years old. Legally and technically, you can read your child’s written communication. However, morally speaking, there are only a few specific conditions that make this invasion of privacy ok. Being a modern-day parent in the 21st century is … Read more