Girlfriend and boyfriend travel selfie up close

Things To Do For Your Boyfriend

Things that you can do for your boyfriend include cooking his favorite dish, playing video games together, making him a playlist, watching his favorite show with him, surprising him with flowers, and learning about his topics of interest so that you can chat about the things that matter to him.

young male addcited to video games close up

Video Game Addiction

Video game addiction happens when a person gets so consumed by video games that they neglect their real-life responsibilities. Game developers try to make games addictive because it makes business sense. It is possible to overcome video game addiction with determination and maybe professional help.

Boyfriend in bed snooping and going through partners phone secretly

My Partner Went Through My Phone

Some partners do not have an issue when their partners go through their phones, whereas others see it as an act of disrespect and a violation of trust. The act of snooping through your partner’s phone can cause irreversible damage to the relationship, which may result in the termination of the union.

Man holding his eyes while crying

Why Does My Mom Get Mad When I Cry

A mother that consistently gets mad when her child starts to cry instead of helping to process feelings and provide comfort can be a sign of emotional immaturity or point to a person struggling with intergenerational trauma. A narcissistic mother will struggle to show empathy to a crying child.

Girlfriend holding hand up to boyfriend's face because he's not romantic enough

Why Isn’t My Boyfriend Romantic?

Your boyfriend is likely, not romantic because of how he was raised, as children often grow up to be like their parents. He might also be unromantic due to past experiences where his romantic gestures were not appreciated or because of your failure to communicate your desire for romance.

Man with long extended nose indicating he's a pathological liar

Pathological Liar Definition

Pathological liars are persons who excessively lie for no reason, often harming themselves but seemingly unable to stop, irrespective of the damage caused by their dishonest behavior. Pathological lying is a symptom of many mental disorders, such as antisocial personality disorder.

Man irritated and set off by small things and clawing his head

Why Do Little Things Set Me Off?

Little things set you off because you have burnout due to interpersonal stresses and neglect a healthy self-care routine. Burnout leads to anger, irritability, and the feeling of powerlessness. Self-care activities like exercise or lower expectations can combat things that set you off.

girlfriend and boyfriend playing call of duty video game on couch

Call Of Duty Terms To Say To Your Boyfriend

Call of Duty is a favorite among many guys because of the fast-paced shooting and movement, which keeps them glued to their screens for hours! If your boyfriend loves CoD and you’re looking for some CoD terms that will surprise and impress him, you’re in the right place! Here are the best Call of Duty terms you can say to your boyfriend!

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