Can Parents Kick You Out Without Notice?

Parents kicking out their teen children without notice

A judge can serve parents’ legal obligations to provide their children with education, food, and clothing. However, by granting an emancipation petition, the court can give the child an adult responsibility for their own welfare. The ages may differ in certain parts of the world. Every child and their parents go through disagreements, usually when … Read more

Can Parents Take Their Kids Money (Ethical Discussion)

A parent using tweezers trying to take their kids money from a piggy bank

Whether or not parents can legally take their kid’s money differs from country to country. From a moral perspective, however, it is a lot clearer – if your child has worked hard for their money, they should keep it. It is common for parents to have control over their children’s money as children don’t have … Read more

How to Remove Father’s Name From Birth Certificate

Close up of a blank birth certificate

You can only remove a biological father’s name from a birth certificate if they no longer have parental rights (adopted by a stepfather) or if you wrongly presumed the father. The court cannot remove the biological father’s name for reasons such as absence or lack of support. A birth certificate is a record that documents … Read more

Can Parents See My Internet History on the Bill?

Teen using computer late at night worried parents can see internet history

Your parents cannot see your internet history on the bill. The bill is unable to record destination addresses, sites, or web surfing. However, your parents will be able to see if you have made any purchases that were directly charged to your phone service, as those will be presented in the bill. Internet history is … Read more

Why Did My Husband Put A Password On His Phone?

Hacker trying to break password on phone

Husbands put passwords on their phones for many different reasons. Your husband may have password-protected his device to protect his personal data, to avoid making pocket dials, to boost his security, or to hide evidence of infidelity. Being married is not always easy and being a 21st-century spouse comes with its own unique sets of … Read more

My Husband Keeps Telling Me to Leave (4 Reasons Why)

Angry father sitting and looking into the distance while wife holding baby star from a distance

If your husband keeps telling you to leave it might be because of these three reasons: He is afraid of losing you, wants to control you, or proves his superiority and importance in your life. The fact that he wants you to leave can also be the reason.  All married couples are familiar with the scenario … Read more

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