couple on couch holding question marks over face wondering if marriage is really worth it

Wondering if marriage is really worth it? Marriage is worth it if you marry the right person. It is vital that both partners share similar core values and beliefs and that spouses are attentive to each other’s needs and feelings. It is also essential for both partners to be on the same page about their expectations of marriage and each other beforehand.

Do Men Who Leave Their Family Regret It? [ANSWERED]

single man watching tv by himself

It can be hard to come to terms with a relationship or marriage that has broken down. Still, having someone you love walk out on your family can be far more devastating. Statistically, around 20.2%, or about 7 million men, are absentee fathers. You may have some insight into why men leave but still wonder if they regret it after the fact.

Bisexual Husbands; What Is It Like to Have One?

Bisexual husband and wife wondering what to do next

Having a bisexual husband can be difficult for the spouse. The spouse may feel angry, ashamed, or unhappy when discovering their husband is bisexual. Especially if this was not disclosed (or realized) before marriage. However, having a bisexual husband does not mean the marriage is doomed. The best course of action is to discuss your worries with your husband.

Divorcing a Husband Who Won’t Work [HERE’S HOW]

wife upset with lazy husband who won't work

The worst feeling is the feeling of being on your own and doing everything alone. Living with a husband who won’t work or help support your family can cause that lonely feeling every day. This is not directed to those who have an agreed-upon situation where the husband has taken on the role of stay-at-home parent/homemaker, this is directed to those whose husband neither works outside nor within the home!

Wife Hates Me but Won’t Divorce Me [HERE’S WHY]

Wife holding ring sitting sad on couch because her Husband Wants a Divorce but Still Wants to Be Together

Stalemates don’t get more unbearable than this: your wife’s anger short-circuits any chance of you working things out. But at the same time, she won’t do the logical thing and call it quits. What emerges is a rest-of-life sentence to cold war conditions that seem too much for anyone to endure.

Will My Husband Miss Me After Divorce? [IT DEPENDS]

Depressed female looking at picture of her and ex-husband after breaking up with the father of her child

he divorce? There isn’t always a simple answer to this; humans are complicated and their emotions can be too. If you have spent most of your life with someone, there can be a lot of strong feelings involved, including missing them and grieving their loss from your life.

Wife Won’t Speak to Me During Divorce [WHAT SHOULD I DO?]

wife refusing to speak to husband during divorce

Going through a divorce can be the most stressful or stress-free event in a man’s life. It depends on the circumstances leading to the divorce and what you are set to lose when it is finalized. If your wife won’t speak to you during the divorce, there is nothing that you can do about it, but there are ways to deal with this and focus on the things you can control.

Why Do Guys “Get Screwed” in a Divorce? [ANSWERED]

paper cut outs depicting nuclear family by judge hammer symbolizing divorce

The termination of the marital bond, by divorce, often leads to one person getting “the short end of the stick”. Sometimes, this results in the misconception that the law is more lenient towards females. If you are a male who has just experienced a divorce, you might wonder;  “Why do guys get screwed in a divorce?”

Bad Fathers: 9 Signs of Toxic Dads That Hurt Kids

Toxic father yelling at his son

In an ideal world, every child would have great parents who help them grow and develop. However, life isn’t always that simple or just. Children’s lives can be seriously impacted by bad fathers or mothers. Mothers have traditionally been considered as the caregivers and fathers as the providers. Therefore, fathers, especially of the older generation, often find themselves in a gray area regarding their role as “good” fathers.

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