Vector image demonstrating effectiveness of remote therapy

Is Remote Therapy Effective? [Pros & Cons & HOW to OPTIMIZE]

As we continue in the “post-pandemic” world, adopting and adapting technology, wherever possible, to make remote work more accessible and efficient, one of the areas that continues to be scrutinized is therapy. Whether we’re using terms like remote therapy, online therapy, e-counselling, e-therapy, telepsychology, tele-counselling, or teletherapy, we’re talking about the same thing: psychotherapy for … Read more

cartoon demonstrating nacho parenting with nachos

What Is Nacho Parenting? [IS IT EFFECTIVE?]

Nacho parenting allows the biological parent to discipline their children without the stepparent interfering. It means the stepparent should step aside and let their spouse take charge of their children. The stepparent should act as a babysitter whenever the biological parent is absent.

angry and mad father pointing at son while screaming

Why Does My Dad Get Mad Over Little Things?

Having a dad who gets mad over little things can disturb your peace as a child and create an unsettling environment. Naturally, you would want to understand why your dad gets mad over little things because his mood affects you and your relationship with him.

Dad up and working with baby on lap in the morning

Should a Working Dad Get Up With Baby? [YES, HERE’S WHY]

It was historically common for dads to justify not getting up at night because “I work during the day.” Sadly, this excuse has not vanished from our society. But this stance belittles the job of the parent staying at home, can hamper a baby’s adjustment to sleeping through the night, and create long-term challenges with the father’s relationship with their partner.

Tall scaffolding in the distance

Examples of Scaffold Parenting & How It Works

Scaffolding is a method of teaching during which a knowledgeable adult collaborates with a child to help them learn concepts they would not have been able to learn on their own. It is most compatible with authoritative parenting and can be incorporated as an add-on tool to this parenting style.

Silhouette of family showing team work and a positive parenting style

The Impact Of Parenting Styles On Child Development

Parenting styles influence how children view their own self-worth, how they relate to others, and whether they can engage in meaningful and appropriate relationships. Parenting styles also affect children’s personality development in terms of confidence, independence, and ability to regulate emotions.  

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