Do Single Dads Prefer Single Mothers? (6 Reasons)

Single dads prefer single mothers because they have mutual responsibilities, priorities, and shared interests. Single dads are drawn to single mothers because they experience similar hardships and see a relationship with a single mother as an opportunity to rebuild a family unit by joining the families together.

Single mothers generally understand the challenges of raising a child as a single parent, which causes single dads to prefer single mothers due to their shared circumstances.

Single dads tend to find it challenging to find a suitable partner who will share their values and have similar priorities when it comes to raising children. Let’s explore potential reasons why single dads prefer single mothers to understand why single dads are attracted to single mothers when looking for a partner.

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Here are six potential reasons why single dads prefer single mothers

1. Single Mothers Have Similar Priorities To Single Dads

Single dads are generally looking for a partner who will have the same priorities as them in relation to raising children and maintaining a work-life balance.

Single mothers have the understanding that as a parent, your child is your main priority. They understand that sometimes date night won’t be able to happen because you couldn’t get a sitter. They understand that you’ll probably be late for every event because your child spilled something just as you were about to leave the house. They understand that you can be career-driven while being family-oriented.

This shared understanding between single mothers and single dads causes single dads to prefer single mothers as they believe single mothers will be able to relate to them in various aspects of life.

2. Single Mothers Are Equipped With The Skills To Raise Children

Generally speaking, single mothers have spent an extensive amount of time with their own children as well as other children, making them experts at childminding.

Single dads need partners who are good with kids, but not in the “fun aunt” kind of way. They never want their child to feel like a burden to their partner. Therefore, single mothers are ideal because they understand that children are a life-long commitment and come as a package deal with the single dad.

This is not to say that women who are not single mothers will not be able to raise a child as their own. It may, however, take some time before a single dad is confident that someone who is not a single mother will be able to nurture their child the way a mother would.

3. Single Mothers Have Preexisting Knowledge On Childcare

Single dads need partners who have a vast range of knowledge on what it takes to raise a child. Given that single mothers have successfully raised their own children, it is likely that they already know the fundamentals of childcare.

A single dad would prefer a partner who knows things like how to change diapers, how to burp a baby, how to ensure the baby’s bottle is not too hot, how to pack a healthy lunch, ways to be active in the child’s school, and knows how to ensure the children are safe and ensure the house is child-proof.

While some of these things may sound like common knowledge, effective parenting requires parents who are diligent and present in their children’s lives. Given that children are quick thinking, fast-moving little humans, the energy and foresight required to be a parent extends beyond what society may realize.

While one can learn how to be a mother if you are not a single mother, single dads would likely prefer a partner like a single mother because she would already know the fundamental things regarding child care and will not need to be taught the basics.

4. Single Mothers Are Likely To Be Empathetic Partners

Single mothers are likely to come with their own baggage. They may have lost the father of their child or had a painful separation or other personal circumstances that led to them raising their child by themselves.

Due to the various reasons that may have caused them to become a single parent, they are more likely to be empathetic partners who will not judge single dads based on the baggage they have.

Given their life experience, they may even be able to help single dads through the pain they experienced when they had to raise their children alone.

5. Single Dads Are Looking For A Motherly Figure For Their Kids

Single dads likely view single mothers as existing maternal figures who will be able to give their children a mother’s love. This may be particularly important for single dads who have daughters. Single dads who have daughters may feel they struggle to connect with their daughters and think that by dating a single mother, they can ensure that their daughters have feminine role models who can give them the support they need.

While this is not to say women who are not single mothers cannot provide children with the same sort of love, it is likely that men simply view single mothers as a guaranteed maternal figure for their children.

6. Single Mothers Can Help Single Dads Become Better Dads

Single dads may be attracted to single mothers as they believe that single moms will complete them as a parent, enabling them to give their child the picture-perfect family.

From the perspective of a single dad, it is possible that he is drawn to single moms because he hopes she will be able to teach him things he does not know about parenting. Additionally, he may be hoping to have a partner who can help him become the best dad possible.

Furthermore, it may be that single dads prefer single mothers because they are looking for a partner who will fulfill not only the role of a mother but also a wife. It is possible that they have come to associate motherhood with being a wife, and therefore feel that if they find a partner who is already a mother, she will also be a good wife.

It appears that the overwhelming similarity in the lives of single parents will likely cause single dads to prefer single mothers when looking for a partner.

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Single dads prefer single mothers because they believe single mothers are similar to them and will support them as a parent while helping them to grow as a dad.

They also prefer single mothers because they think they will offer a maternal presence to their children and are equipped with the skills and knowledge to raise healthy children.

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