Who Is Lucifer’s Father? [ANSWERED]

Lucifer Morningstar’s father is God in the popular TV series Lucifer, based on characters created by Mike Dringenberg, Sam Keith, and Neil Gaiman for DC Comics. God is the father of all angels and is a central figure in the series. In season 5, God in human form is played by Dennis Haysbert.

Type in the search word “Who is Lucifer’s Father,” and the internet attacks you will all kinds of answers. The topic is one of big discussion from various angles and made for some interesting research. To find the answer, I decided to look at the DC comics-inspired show, aptly titled “Lucifer,” to see who Lucifer gets to call “Dad.”

The TV series Lucifer has caused much controversy over the years, as the story of the fallen angel was contrary to what many Christians believe to be true. The story is one of possible redemption of one of the most vilified characters in humankind’s history, known by many names but mostly referred to as the Devil, a.k.a. Lucifer.

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Who Is the Father of Lucifer?

Lucifer’s father is God (father of all angels), who, together with his wife, the Goddess (mother of all angels), created the universe together.

What Are Lucifer’s Father’s Strengths?

Having the power to create something out of nothing makes Lucifer’s father the strongest, most powerful being. When Lucifer decided to rebel against his “Heavenly Father,” it would never be a fair fight. Here are some of the godly strengths of the Creator of the Universe:


  • God is an eternal being who can and will live for eternity unless his wife, Goddess, decides to kill him (she is the only living entity that can kill her Husband.)


  • God is close to being omnipotent, with only his wife, Goddess, sharing the level of power.
  • God created humanity on his own without his wife’s help and can kill any species, angels, demons, or his wife should he choose to.
  • God is capable of altering the timeline of life through the “butterfly effect.”
  • God can create a temporary or alternate reality when he wants to test a plan or specific scenario


  • God can heal any wound, remove all traces of injury, and remove any illness.


  • God can resurrect anything; even a human he made explode out of fury.


  • Interdimensional travel is something that God uses as a mode of transport.
  • God can travel from Heaven to Hell to Earth in a blink of an eye or a snap of a finger.

Ability To Warp Reality:

  • God can control reality as he pleases, making music play out of nothing and hitting a hole-in-one in every hole of golf that he plays.
  • God created reality so he can warp it if needed.

Memory Manipulator:

  • God can make anybody do anything he wants them to do at any time.
  • God can remove all memories of the thing he made you do afterward.
  • Some Angels are more susceptible to his “Jedi mind tricks” than others.

Weather Manipulator:

  • When God gets angry, he can create a thunderstorm to show his true feelings – “Old Testament Wrath”; as Lucifer refers to it.
  • God can strike you with a thunderbolt if he wants to, don’t ever think that lightning doesn’t strike the same spot twice.


  • God is a master of pyrokinesis (creating fire from nothing).
  • Turning things on and off comes naturally to him, like dousing a candle and lighting it up again without touching it.

Chrono Kinesis:

  • God can reverse or freeze time.
  • Time waits for no one but God.

Super Strength:

  • God is the original Mr. Universe, Mr. Olympia, and World’s Strongest Man rolled into one.


  • God sits with a universe of knowledge.
  • God prefers not to know everything that happens on Earth.
  • God made us able to self-actualize so that he doesn’t need to intervene and “live” people’s lives for them.
  • God gave his Angel children and humankind freedom of choice because he didn’t want to be perceived as a controlling parent.
  • God initially set up the universe so that he didn’t control the fates of both mortals and immortals – each one’s self-judgment decides how their lives pan out – and how they die.

What Are Lucifer’s Father’s Weaknesses?

Believe it or not, “Daddy Morningstar” has some weaknesses on top of his impressive strengths. Here are some of them:

Goddess (His Wife):

  • Like many mortal men on Earth who fear their wife’s wrath, God’s wife, Goddess, is the only being able to kill God.


  • God is subject to self-judgment, as are all of his creations, and he starts to lose power when self-doubt creeps in – which typically results in several big accidents occurring on Earth.
  • Moral of this story; Be kind to yourself and don’t stop believing.

Flaming Sword:

  • God’s kryptonite is the Flaming Sword.
  • If ever God was stabbed by this weapon in human form, he would instantly be removed from existence, possibly taking his creations with him.


  • God starts to suffer from poor memory when in human form and becomes insecure because of it.

A Brief History of Lucifer’s Father

As eternal beings do, God and Goddess fell in love one day “at the dawn of time” and decided to create the universe together. When they had sex, “Big Bang,” as Lucifer remembers it, the universe that included both Heaven and Hell were formed. The couple had many children together whom they called their Angels.

God being a “cool dad”, decided to create his children to be able to understand what they need to gain a sense of fulfillment. This ability to self-actualize meant that their powers and, indeed, appearance were affected by how they felt about themselves on a subconscious level.

God wanted to make sure that all his children had the power to forge their own lives and fate without his parental guidance. “Father”, as his children called him, didn’t mention this added trait in their makeup to his angelic children, and like any good husband, he didn’t tell his wife.

Why Did Lucifer Rebel Against His Father?

Like any good creator, God starts focusing on Earth, adding further additions to the planet he co-created so that it could function properly. When the Heavenly Father decides to create “humankind”, the neglect of his heavenly family starts to take its toll, and “all hell” starts to break loose.

Like any child that doesn’t receive the love and attention from their always-busy-working dads, Samuel changes his name to Lucifer out of hurt and anger. A temper tantrum ensues, whereafter Lucifer believes he can do better without his “Dear Old Dad” and plans a rebellion against the “Creator of The Universe.”

Any scorned woman will retaliate, and Goddess tried her best to destroy the human creation by inflicting all sorts of plagues and catastrophes on Earth. She felt neglected and knew her family was falling apart. God carried on with his Master Plan.

Why Did God Send Lucifer to Reign Over Hell?

Almighty God is a man with a plan. After Lucifer’s failed rebellion attempt, the “Big Guy” envisions a future where Lucifer could play the biggest role of his life; redeeming the souls of Hell and guiding them to Heaven. Lucifer had no idea that “Pops” was only acting furious when he banished him to Hell.

What followed was a cold and distant relationship between the two, mostly due to God, to ensure that Lucifer fulfilled the “Master Plan”. Tired of his wife’s constant efforts to destroy their creation and humankind, God divorced Goddess and sent her to Hell, where Lucifer was to watch over her.

When Lucifer grows tired of ruling Hell, he makes his way to Los Angeles to indulge in the things he loves; woman, alcohol, and music. This unexpected turn of events forces “The Big Guy” to intervene, and God creates a human with a pure soul to come into his life, a detective investigating a murder at Lucifer’s nightclub.

God knew that Lucifer would not stay in Hell forever, and no matter how many Angels he sent to return him, Lucifer had to figure out that Hell needed him before he would return indefinitely. The willing return could only happen when he could start to see goodness in humanity and eventually in his own soul. God makes another plan to speed the process along.

Why Did God Send a Priest on Lucifer’s Path?

God believed that it was important for Lucifer to have dealings and interactions with all kinds of humans, even those that he disliked. He sent Father Frank to cross paths with Lucifer so that he could form a bond with a person with whom sharing a bond seemed impossible.

Lucifer and Father Frank do indeed form a bond, and he gets to experience a different side to what he believed priesthood to be. When Father Frank is murdered, Lucifer is heavily distraught, feeling a part of his soul impacted by the death.

Did Lucifer and His Father Reconcile?

Like many dysfunctional dad and son relationships, there is always hope for reconciliation. The series is worth the watch, and I don’t want to give any more details. But I will leave you with this quote from Lucifer:

“The funny thing about miracles…They happen every day.”

God works in mysterious ways!


“Lucifer” is an excellent occult detective series that portrays God and his creation as a dysfunctional family, as many found on Earth. The road to the soul’s salvation is highlighted in a classic battle of Good vs. Evil in a comedic way that draws you closer to the “human” God and his “Devil” son.

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