royal family posing on balcony

Is The Royal Family Inbred? [MYTHS & FACTS]

You have likely heard talk that the Royal Family is inbred. But are they really? Does this statement hold any truth, or is it merely a myth? Read on as we explore whether or not the Royal family is inbred. The history of the Royal Family is a long and complex one. Read on to learn more about inter-marriage of the Royal Family and who was the last Royal Family member to marry a relative.

White American Family in search results

“White American Family” In the Search Engine?

If searching for “white American family,” the search engine will show image results based on the description of the image and the keywords in your search. Search engines like Google have bots that crawl websites to display results-based keywords and have adapted results to be racially diverse.

Toxic father yelling at his son

Bad Fathers: 9 Signs of Toxic Dads That Hurt Kids

In an ideal world, every child would have great parents who help them grow and develop. However, life isn’t always that simple or just. Children’s lives can be seriously impacted by bad fathers or mothers. Mothers have traditionally been considered as the caregivers and fathers as the providers. Therefore, fathers, especially of the older generation, often find themselves in a gray area regarding their role as “good” fathers.

family wearing the same outfits laying on grass symbolizing family tendency

What Is Family Tendency? [COMMON EXAMPLES]

Family tendency refers to several members of the same family sharing similar beliefs, behavioral patterns, professional careers, and medical and/or psychological conditions. They’re not genetic, but environmental factors that create traits that pass to the next generation of the family.

soccer dad holding ball for son to kick on grass

Soccer Dad: Is This A Thing? [3 TYPES OF SOCCER DADS]

You’ve heard about soccer moms, but what about a soccer dad? Yes, “soccer dads” do exist! Soccer dads are typically middle-class or above males with activity-driven children. They often own a large vehicle to transport their children to and from all of their activities. Soccer dads wear “athleisure” clothing and are perky with hectic schedules revolving around their children’s sports and activities.

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