Soccer Dad: Is This A Thing? [3 TYPES OF SOCCER DADS]

You’ve heard about soccer moms, but what about a soccer dad? Yes, “soccer dads” do exist! Soccer dads are typically middle-class or above males with activity-driven children. They often own a large vehicle to transport their children to and from all of their activities. Soccer dads wear “athleisure” clothing and are perky with hectic schedules revolving around their children’s sports and activities.

When you hear the term “soccer dad”, you probably think of a dad obsessed with their child’s soccer games and tournaments. The phrase sounds almost overbearing, but the idea you have of a soccer dad is not entirely accurate. Supposedly the opposite of a soccer mom, is there such a thing as a “soccer dad”?

Read on to discover what a soccer dad really is and why they can be our best buddies or our worst nightmare! After reading this, you will surely know how to spot a soccer dad, what types of soccer dads you get, and why they sometimes act very perky or very aggressive. Let us spring into action!

soccer dad holding ball for son to kick on grass

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Soccer Dad: Is This A Thing?

Soccer dads are awesome (sometimes), and they stand out from the crowd, literally! But how can you spot a soccer dad? A soccer dad is the male equivalent of a soccer mom. So, yes, soccer dads are a thing. They drive huge vehicles like an SUV or town wagon to take their children to their daily activities such as drama classes, soccer games, or tennis lessons.

They have cheerful personalities; however, soccer dads, like soccer moms, can get quite aggressive when they deem it necessary. Sometimes, you can call them the ‘bleacher dads’, the overly supportive, loud-in-the-stands, and confronting-the-referee type of fathers. Nevertheless, they want to motivate their children and only want what is best.

Soccer dads are in control of everything, ensuring their beloved kids have their water bottles, their sports equipment, or anything their children might need. They pay attention to the littlest and the biggest details. Despite the similarities, we have different types of soccer dads: the aggressive soccer dad, the wannabe soccer dad, and the overly supportive soccer dad.

3 Types Of Soccer Dads

As I mentioned previously, soccer dads can be the perkiest human beings or, at times, your worst nightmare. Do not let soccer dads spoil your day. If you cannot beat ‘em, join ‘em! Here are three types of soccer dads that you cannot help but love:

1. The Aggressive Soccer Dad

The aggressive soccer dad is probably the most common of the three. You will find these dads yelling in the stands, confronting the referee during the games, making a ruckus, and just flat-out breaking every rule in the rule book!

Although this is frustrating for others watching their kids participating in their activities, you cannot help but love the free live entertainment show that the aggressive soccer dads are so kind to provide us with!

2. The Wannabe Coach Soccer Dad

Did your father ever embarrass you so much that you wished the ground would swallow you whole? Well, these wannabe soccer dads sure know how to make their children feel mortified. They want to be part of the action and always consume your space.

Wannabe coach soccer dads are always kissing up to the coaches or the people in charge of their kids’ activities. They really wish they held the position and want to be favored so much that you cannot help but wish they would disappear into thin air. You can call them controlling if you will.

3. The Overly Supportive Soccer Dad

The overly supportive soccer dads are their children’s exclusive cheerleaders. They Constantly motivate them and want the best for their kids. They are loud, enthusiastic, and probably own a big camera for taking action photos of their pride and joy! But we love them and their overly perky attitude.

These soccer dads want to be part of the team, and they will most probably take the team out for ice cream after each game or tournament, making their kids the most popular and loved among their teammates.

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Why Are Soccer Dads The Best Dads?

Soccer dads always make their presence known and might become part of the reason why you enjoy going to your children’s daily activities, even if they cause a brawl. You might even feel a tinge of jealousy, wishing your father was as enthusiastic during your school days. Here are five reasons why I believe soccer dads are the best dads:

He Is Your Number One Fan

No matter what, come hell or high water, soccer dads will always be by your side, cheering for you in the bleachers and keeping you motivated. He will never give up on you and will never miss the opportunity to celebrate any of your achievements, never mind how big or small.

He Awards All Your Teammates After Each Game

Soccer dads constantly crack jokes to keep the team lively and cheerful, even if their dad jokes are totally lame. He is the coolest and most loved dad on the block and loves treating your teammates to dinner and ice cream after games. Truthfully, he tries his best to fit in and make his children proud, and despite the embarrassing moments, you cannot help but love every second you second with your soccer dad.

He Spends Hours “Coaching” You

Your soccer dad probably spends hours watching you practice and coaching you so that you can improve. Soccer dads can go as far as to record your games and techniques for you to watch with him in the comfort of your home (do not be surprised if he has a bowl of popcorn and beverages ready for you at home!) He most likely makes notes during your activities for you to go over afterward.

He Believes In Tough Love

Soccer dads are tough on you, but the kind of toughness you need in order to face reality and keep your head held high. You might become upset at times, but he ensures that you are mentally, emotionally, and physically strong.

During games and activities, you can clearly hear your dad’s voice running around in your head, his words of motivation and determination. At that moment, you are pleased to have a “tough love” soccer dad to keep your head afloat.

He Is Your Worst Critic

Your soccer dad is a harsh critic. As much as he gives you words of motivation, he will ensure that he points out your rights and wrongs. Soccer dads are transparent and honest regardless of how it makes you feel. Did you lose a game or an award to the opposing team? Be ready to face your dad’s anger!

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Soccer dads drive big vehicles like an SUV or town wagons. They have a high-spirited personality (some of them) but can become overly excited, much to the dismay of the other parents and their children. They are usually clad in athleisure clothing and attend every child’s games. Soccer dads’ schedule revolves around their children, and although it is tiring, in the end, they enjoy it. Soccer dads want to fit in and make their kids proud.

Soccer dads love coaching their kids, motivating them, and giving them the necessary tough love, and they are your biggest fan. They want to be known as the “hip” parent who takes your friends out for a treat after every game! Some can be overwhelming, so it is best to talk to your dad whenever you feel like he puts too much pressure on you to succeed.

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