Why Are Fathers and Dads So Annoying? (4 Common Reasons)

Annoying dad standing over shoulder of his daughter checking her work

Fathers can be annoying for multiple reasons, age differences, fear of their children growing up, reactions to unsuitable behaviour, worries about their children’s future. These can stem from a lack of communication and sitting down together and discussing can solve annoyances before they become larger problems. The reasons why Fathers can be annoying come down … Read more

Why Do Fathers Hit Their Children (And Is It Ok?)

Cartoon picture of angry father yelling at sad daughter

Fathers may hit their children for several reasons. These can include experiences from their own childhood, an inability to communicate, mental health issues, a propensity for violence, violent role models, substance misuse, and inability to manage frustration. One can scarcely believe that in this day and age there are still Fathers who use corporal punishment … Read more

How To Get Back At A “Deadbeat” Dad

Daughter holding teddy bear while looking at her drunk deadbeat dad passed out on floor

Wondering how to get back at your deadbeat dad? Getting back at deadbeat dads can be in the form of: Setting boundaries to protect your child. Learning all about the legal options open to you. Document any and all interactions. Confront him but do not bad-mouth him to your kid. Go on with your life … Read more

My Husband Quit His Job Without Talking To Me – Why?

Man handing in his resignation letter to boss and quit his job without telling his wife

Has your husband ever quit his job without talking to you first? Large decisions like quitting a job while married should be discussed together before so that the impacts can be both planned for and kept to a minimum. Not discussing the reasons and impact can create additional problems that are unneeded at an already … Read more

Co-Parenting vs Single Parenting (10 Fundamental Tips)

Silhoutte showing co-parenting with parents putting arms together overtop of standing children to show working together and happy family

Co-parenting involves both parents taking an active role in raising their children, this means more than just financial support and includes all aspects of a child’s life. Single parenting describes one parent holding complete responsibility for their child’s upbringing with limited to no support from the other parent. The first important factor to keep in … Read more

Father or Dad, What’s the Difference?

Father and son standing with arms shrugging wondering the difference between father and dad

Wondering if you should use father or dad? Objectively speaking there is no difference between the title Father and the title Dad. However, “father” is considered a more formal language. What you call your male parent or guardian can be linked to the following: your own personal preference, guidelines, and norms of your specific culture, … Read more

My Husband Never Wants To Do Anything With Me

Wife looking upset as husband walks away and never wants to do anything with her anymore

Does your husband never want to do anything with you anymore? Husbands ignore their spouses because of personal problems that they are not ready to talk about or do not want to talk about. Work-related issues can lead to him distancing himself from you. He may feel that his emotional needs are not being met … Read more

Ways To Ignore Your Dad (6 Helpful Tips)

Dad holding a "dad" cup with his thumbs down as family ignore him

You can practice several methods to ignore your dad. You can learn to free yourself by ignoring all accusations, setting strict boundaries, and detaching yourself from him and the toxic relationship between the two of you. By not reasoning with your dad, you will keep clear from all possible conflicts. Fathers with toxic behaviors can … Read more

Why Does My Wife Never Come Onto Me?

Husband upset with wife in bed because she won't come onto him and instead plays on phone

Does your wife never come onto you? Women are generally more reserved when it comes to intimacy due to how they were raised or how they should act according to society. A lower libido could be due to anxiety, stress, depression, health problems, or a lack of physical attraction. Watching romance movies can be both … Read more

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