10 Reasons Babies Are Better Than Puppies

Reasons that babies are better than puppies include the fact that they’re easy to clean, easy to feed, communicate their needs, sleep often, are welcomed in public, and won’t run away or chew your favorite pair of shoes the way a puppy probably would.

Babies and puppies are both huge responsibilities, but it’s easy to see how babies are better than puppies, given the human connection they provide, bringing loved ones together and filling a home with joy and laughter.

Let’s take a deeper look at the similarities and differences between babies and puppies to gain a better understanding as to why, when it comes to things like parenting, babies are better than puppies.

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1. Babies Are More Welcomed In Public Than Puppies

Most places are baby-friendly. If you want to take your baby anywhere in public, you simply pack your diaper bag, and you’re good to go. You’ll find that most public places are accommodating and provide changing rooms so you can change your baby’s diaper if necessary.

On the other hand, very few places are dog friendly, making it hard to go to nice places with your puppy.

2. Baby’s Wear Diapers Whereas Puppies Are Unpredictable If Not House-broken

Baby’s wear diapers, making it pretty easy to take them anywhere. While they may make a stinker and require a diaper change, it’s still better than having a puppy who shows no clear indication of when they need the loo, causing them to go anywhere at any time.

With puppies, you’ll likely find yourself cleaning their business all over your house and have to carry around plastic bags to collect their poop if they do their business in public.

3. There Are Various Stimulating Toys For Babies And Fewer Toys To Keep Puppies Entertained

Babies can be easily stimulated with music, television shows, toy mobiles, and even an ordinary teddy bear.

On the other hand, puppies can be quite needy, requiring someone to play with them to keep them stimulated, given the fact that the only toy that truly seems to stimulate puppies is balls.

4. Babies Sleep For Most Of The Day, Puppies Are Playful And Require A Lot Of Attention

Puppies can be quite high maintenance in that they require a lot of attention during the day. They are very playful and naughty and can be quite a handful.

Unfortunately, you’re most probably not going to get time off work to look after your puppy, meaning you’ll have very limited time to spend with your puppy.

Conversely, babies sleep for most of the day during their first few months of life, making them somewhat manageable to raise, especially if you’ve been granted time off work to look after your baby.

5. Babies Are More Effective Communicators Than Puppies

The fact that babies cry to communicate makes it easier for you to know when something is wrong. There are thousands of books and tutorials preparing you to understand your baby’s basic needs. With a little bit of research, you’ll soon know which cry means what.

On the other hand, puppies are very limited when it comes to communicating, with most of their barks sounding rather similar.

6. Baby’s Can Be Breastfed Whereas Puppies Require Puppy Food Which Can Be Expensive

Baby’s can be breastfed, making feeding them rather inexpensive for mothers. Additionally, formula is available if breastfeeding is not an option, and most formula brands are reasonably affordable and come in large quantities that can last you a long time.

Conversely, puppy food can be quite expensive, which can take a chunk out of your pocket each month.

7. There Are A Variety Of Baby Food Options, Whereas Puppy Foods Offer Less Variety

If you’re unable to breastfeed, there are formula options suitable for your baby. Additionally, there are multiple baby food brands offering nutritious meals for your baby. These meals come in different flavors and are often ethically sourced and made with natural ingredients.

Furthermore, you can make homemade baby food to ensure your baby gets the healthiest food while saving you money.

Conversely, puppy food often lacks variety, and you may find your puppy doesn’t enjoy the food you give them, forcing you to buy various brands of food until you find one your puppy likes.

8. Baby’s Won’t Chew Your Shoes And Tear Up Your Clothes The Way Puppies Can

Babies are pretty calm. For the most part, they’ll be relaxing in your arms or in their crib, and of course, crying, eating, and pooping for the rest of the day. However, they are hardly destructive, and at most, will pull your hair when you play with them.

Conversely, if you take your eye off your puppy for a second, they will have gotten their paws on a pair of your socks, torn your favorite shirt, chewed your shoes, or climbed on your furniture with their dirty paws.

9. Babies Move A Lot Less Than Puppies, Making Them Easy To Manage

Puppies are tiny yet crafty little animals. They are able to run around and hide all over. They’re also pretty good at escaping if you don’t puppy-proof your home. Their agility may be a good thing, but it also makes it easy for them to run away or get hurt if you don’t closely monitor them. Having to closely monitor your puppy can be timeous and tedious.

Babies, on the other hand, are rather limited in their movement in their first few months of life. While you’ll probably have to baby-proof your home once they get bigger, for the most part, they will either be in your arms or in their crib. This makes it easy to ensure they are safe and sound, especially given that their little legs can’t run away from you.

10. Baby’s Laugh And Cuddle, Whereas Puppies Bark And Occasionally Cuddle

Puppies generally have big personalities from the very beginning. The moment they find their voice, they don’t stop barking and will bark at almost any and everything. When it comes to babies, they’re giggling and warm to cuddle, rarely fussing when they’re held by a familiar presence.

However, while most puppies are cuddly, some puppies are wild and can be quite a handful. Unfortunately, you can’t soothe puppies the way you soothe babies, making it difficult to calm down a puppy in comparison to a baby.


While there babies and puppies are similar in various ways, it can be argued that babies are better than puppies because of their easy feeding and cleaning needs, as well as their generally calm nature, in comparison to puppies who bark, run around, and are likely to chew your shoes and mess up your furniture.

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