10 Reasons Puppies Are Better Than Babies

Puppies are better than babies for all sorts of reasons, including; they are cheaper to feed and maintain, require cheaper toys, learn to do their business by themselves at a young age, are constantly happy, are softer and less messy, easy to play with from a young age, aren’t fussy, and go to sleep easily.

Puppies are friendly little cuddle buddies that bring much joy into any home. While some may prefer to have a baby instead of a puppy, puppies are definitely better than babies.

Let’s look at 10 reasons why puppies are better than babies.

Babies vs puppies: a baby and puppy lay down side by side staring at camera to see who is cuter

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1. Puppies Are Cheaper To Feed In Comparison To Babies

Puppies require food and water to survive. If you’re a massive dog lover, you might also buy them some treats and multivitamins, but those are not necessary.

Conversely, babies require rather expensive nutrient sources including, baby formula, medicine, vitamins, baby food, and various other products.

2. Puppies Are Cheaper To Maintain In Comparison To Babies

Puppies require a warm place to sleep. While many people may purchase a kennel or a soft cushion for their puppy to sleep on, puppies are perfectly fine lying on a blanket, on the sofa, or even on the bed. On the other hand, babies require a crib, numerous blankets, special mattresses, which can be quite expensive.

Additionally, puppies will rarely need medical assistance and only need a few vaccinations to be healthy and strong for quite a few years.

On the other hand, babies require regular visits to pediatricians, multiple vaccinations, teething rings, creams to prevent rashes, diapers, and many more health-related products.

3. Toys For Puppies Are Cheaper Than Toys For Babies

When it comes to toys for puppies, all they need is a plastic bone, a ball, and maybe a soft fury toy. If you have a particularly naughty puppy, you might also lose a few socks along the way.

However, the price of toys for puppies is still quite low in comparison to the toys you’ll need to keep a baby entertained. Baby’s require expensive toys including, crib mobiles, stuffed toys, rattles, bath toys, musical toys, push and pull toys, and educational toys.

4. Puppies Learn To Do Their Business Faster Than Babies

Puppies can be potty trained within the first few weeks of life. While you most certainly will have a few messes to clean up in their first few weeks of life, they will generally learn how to do their business appropriately within a few weeks.

Unfortunately, babies require assistance in the bathroom department for the first few years of their life. From diapers to wetting the bed, you have no idea at what age your bathroom duties will end.

5. Puppies Are Constantly Happy Whereas Babies Are Often Crying

Puppies are always happy. The only time you’ll find a sad puppy is if they feel they’ve been abandoned, are sick, or are a little sleepy.

Unfortunately, when it comes to babies, their main form of communication is crying. Additionally, you’ll have to wait quite a while before getting a smile out of a baby, making it challenging to know when they’re genuinely happy.

6. Babies Are Louder Than Puppies

When babies find their voices, crying will become the main sound that fills your house. They’ll cry for attention, cry for food, cry for a diaper change, and even cry simply because they’re tired.

If you’re looking for a somewhat peaceful home environment, puppies are a safer bet. While they may bark every now and then and pant after a little jog, they are generally quiet animals that enjoy some downtime every now and then.

7. Babies Are Messier Than Puppies

Babies throw up regularly, eat their food very chaotically, and throw just about anything they can get their hands on.

On the other hand, puppies are unlikely to throw up unless they swallowed something they shouldn’t have, only throw their ball around, and are likely to eat just about anything they can, leaving almost no spillage or mess every time they eat.

8. Puppies Are Easy To Play With From A Young Age

Puppies are fun-loving creatures that are ready to play from the moment they’re able to walk. They wag their tales and run around with ease within the first few weeks of their life. It doesn’t take much for puppies to play with puppies. They’ll happily run after anything from a ball to a plush toy.

Conversely, playing with babies can be a somewhat challenging endeavor. When playing with babies, you have the daunting task of ensuring that anything they play with is not a choking hazard. Additionally, for the first few months of a baby’s life, they simply eat, sleep, and poop, leaving very little room for playtime. In this regard, playtime is delayed for quite a few months.

9. Babies Are Fussy

Babies are quite fussy. You need to hold them in a specific way in order for them to be comfortable. A slight breeze or too much sun is enough to send them into a massive crying fit, whereas puppies are quite chilled and enjoy a good cuddle and head rub to be happy.

10. Puppies Sleep Happily, Whereas Babies Put Up Quite A Fight When Going To Sleep

Despite being full of energy, puppies are always happy to have a nap. The best part is that even when they nap during the day, there is no need to regulate their nap time in fear that if they sleep during the day, they won’t sleep through the night.

Even though they can be early risers, they generally sleep throughout the night without negatively impacting your sleep schedule.

On the other hand, babies put up quite a fight when it comes to sleeping, even if they’re tired. They often require special attention to fall asleep and wake up at the slightest disturbance.

Baby’s sleep schedule needs to be strictly planned to ensure that they have nap time, but don’t sleep too much during the day, else they’ll have trouble sleeping at night. Despite all the planning you do, you’re still likely to have to get up during the night to tend to them, leaving you with very little time to sleep.

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Although there are many reasons to want a baby, it’s easy to understand why puppies are better than babies when considering the time, money, and attention they require in comparison to babies.

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