10 Ways to Help Your Family With House Work

You can help your family with house work by setting the table for dinner, taking out and bringing in the garbage bin, putting the dishes away, folding the laundry, packing away your clothes, looking after your siblings, picking up toys, picking up dog poop, and feeding the pets.

House work can be quite laborious, which is why it’s important for you to help your family with house work when you can. While your schoolwork and extracurricular activities might take preference, there are numerous ways you can still help your family with house work.

Let’s explore nine ways in which you can help your family with house work.

Cleaning supplies on counter ready to be used to help your family with house work

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Here are 10 ways you can help your family with housework!

1. Set the Dinner Table for Dinner

If your family sits at the dinner table, perhaps you can set the dinner table for dinner. Irrespective of whether you sit at a table or not, each person is likely to need some eating utensils, a plate, and a glass.

While dinner is being prepared, you can provide a helping hand by getting the relevant eating utensils ready, as well as a plate and glass for each person joining you for dinner.

 By doing this, you are helping the person who prepared the food as they can simply dish up the meal and serve it immediately.

2. Take the Garbage Bin Out/Bring the Garbage Bin In

Given that school starts so early in the morning, a perfect way to help around the house is by taking the garbage bin out on collection day.

This task is relatively easy, as it will simply require that you drag the garbage bin out in the morning on the way to school and drag it back in when you return home from school in the afternoon.

3. Pack the Dishes Into the Dishwasher

If you notice any dishes lying around, politely pack them into the dishwasher. Additionally, consider packing the dishes into the dishwasher after dinner.

By packing the dishes in the dishwasher, you are helping with house work while showing gratitude to the person who cooked the food or purchased the food.

4. Put the Dishes Away

Putting the dishes away is a relatively quick task that ensures that the sink is clear if anyone needs to use it and ensures that the dishwasher is free for the next set of dishes.

Putting the dishes away can be regarded as an extension of packing the dishes into the dishwasher. It shows gratitude and consideration for whoever cooked the meal that was previously eaten, as well as the person who will cook the next meal, which will require clean eating utensils.

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5. Fold the Laundry

Unless your family is perfectly fine with simply chucking their clean laundry in the closet, it might be helpful for you to fold the laundry once it is dry.

Separating the laundry and folding it so that each person can simply pack their laundry away afterward goes a long way in helping your family save time and effort with housework.

Your family will be very pleased to receive their fresh, clean laundry that has been folded and is ready to go into their closet without a hassle.

6. Pack Away and Hang Up Your Clothes

If your family often packs away your clothes and hangs them up for you, consider packing away your own clothes.

Doing this will not only create a sense of independence for you as you take care of your own clothes, but will also save them the time and effort of packing away your things which will leave them with more time to focus on their own things that need to be taken care of.

By packing away your clothes, you are taking accountability for your possessions while showing some consideration for your family members who invest so much time and effort into you.

7. Entertain and Monitor Your Siblings

Sometimes your parents need a little bit of downtime. Spending time entertaining your siblings or looking after them while your parents spend time together will definitely be regarded as helping around the house.

While it may not seem like a chore, spending time occupying your siblings allows your parents to focus on other tasks, which is indirectly helping them around the house.

8. Pick Up Toys

Having to tiptoe to get through toys on the floor can be extremely unpleasant. If you have any toys around, be sure to pack them up after you’ve used them. If you see your sibling’s toys lying around, encourage them to pick the toys up so that they learn to pack their toys away.

However, irrespective of whose toys are lying around, the most important thing is that they get packed away. By packing toys away, you are creating a clean living environment that contributes positively to the atmosphere of your home.

9. Pick Up Dog Poop

If you have a furry friend, I’m sure you love them very much. Unfortunately, furry friends like dogs tend to make quite a mess when they do their business. While making a poop is natural, the presence of your dogs’ poop can be quite unpleasant.

Although it might not be a pleasant task, picking up your dogs’ poop goes a long way in contributing to house work, as you are helping keep your garden clean and fresh.

10. Feed the Pets

Your parents spend so much time preparing healthy meals for you and the rest of your family. Perhaps you could consider feeding your household pets so that the responsibilities of meal preparation do not lie solely on your parents.

While you may not be at the point where you can cook a meal for your family, you certainly have the capacity to pour out or dish up some pet food for your pets. Your parents and your pets will be forever grateful for your help in making sure your loving pet gets regular meals.

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If you would like to help your family with house work, consider doing things such as setting the table for dinner, taking out and bringing in the garbage bin, putting the dishes away, folding the laundry, packing away your clothes, looking after your siblings, picking up toys, picking up dog poop, and feeding the pets.

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