Will My Husband Miss Me After Divorce? [IT DEPENDS]

If you’re facing a divorce, one of the questions you may be grappling with is, will my husband miss me after the divorce? There isn’t a way to determine if your husband will miss you after a divorce. Mostly, when going through a divorce, your brain craves dopamine and serotonin, the main hormones involved in the early stages of love. These cravings can lead to your husband missing you after divorce.

There isn’t always a simple answer to this; humans are complicated and their emotions can be too. If you have spent most of your life with someone, there can be a lot of strong feelings involved, including missing them and grieving their loss from your life.

While every marriage and relationship is unique, we all want our once-significant-other to miss us. It’s hard to imagine life without someone you once loved and facing divorce. You find yourself replaying memories and trying to figure out how you got here and if your husband misses you after a divorce.

Female looking at picture of ex-husband wondering if he will miss her after divorce

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What Are the Signs My Husband Will Miss Me After a Divorce?

If you aren’t sure whether your husband misses you after a divorce, there are a few common signs to look out for.

  1. Follows you on social media. If your husband has continued following you on social media, then he misses you. He wants to know what you’ve been doing. Maybe he hasn’t blocked you; perhaps he likes your social media posts and comments on your statuses. If he has you on social media, he thinks about you and misses you.
  2. Kind gestures. If your husband is still coming over and fixing that broken faucet or mowing the lawn and making other kind gestures, he still cares about and misses you.
  3. Reminiscing about the past. Is your husband still talking about your marriage? If he often brings up the past and how much he misses what you used to do, he may be missing you.
  4. Compliments. Is your husband saying lovely things to you? Complimenting your new dress or how good you look? Constant compliments are one of the signs to look out for to see if he misses you.
  5. Makes contact with you for no reason. Is your husband constantly calling you or texting you for random things. Does he text you and ask about the kids, send reminders about upcoming school events, or just catch up?
  6. Gets emotional. If your husband seems to be more emotional lately, he could be missing you. If he opens up to you and the divorce and being apart from you, this is a good indicator that he is missing you.
  7. Wants to know your dating situation. Is your husband wanting to know who you’re with and if you’re dating anyone? Is he overly interested in your dating life? This could be your husband communicating that he misses you.
  8. Gets jealous. Many people experience jealousy when going through a divorce. Jealousy can present itself in him being jealous of you going out, of new friends, or the person you’re dating. When someone moves on, the other person becomes jealous, triggering feelings of missing the other person.
  9. Tries to make you jealous. Is your ex-husband dating someone new? Does he invite you to social events where you’ll see his new girlfriend? Then he may not be over you just yet.
  10. He asks other people about you. Does your husband often talk to your friends and family and ask how you are? Is he looking for specific information about you, like your dating life? He may be missing you.

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Why Will a Husband Miss His Wife After a Divorce?

According to psychologists, divorces are particularly painful because they change how we see ourselves and alter our biological rhythms. They are even more challenging when the relationship was highly committed and we were emotionally available to one another.

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Divorce Changes the Way We See Ourselves

If you go back to the beginning stages of being in love, you’ll remember that once you became a couple, you probably did almost everything together. Now, faced with being apart, it may be challenging to be alone and reframe your identity. Couples often start identifying themselves as a unit.

Your husband could be experiencing the same emotions and being alone could be triggering feelings of longing and missing you. Besides missing you, he may have to adapt to life without you as his partner and the emotional connection you once had may be challenging to overcome.

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Our Biological Rhythms Are Changed by Divorced

Many clinical psychologists note that once we bond with another person and they form an integral part of our lives, they also influence our thoughts and feelings. They act as our emotional support; they calm us, listen to us, and are there for us when we need them. Whether you were in a good or bad relationship, these factors are still inherently grained into us.

Relationships change us, and it’s normal for both partners to feel some kind of loss when going through a divorce. Besides this, the chemical processes our brains are thrown into profoundly impact our emotional state; much like grief, we go through different stages of processing a divorce.

Societal pressures may make men more closed off, and they may not fully express their emotions. If your husband is closed off and cold, it may just be his way of processing the divorce and may not be a direct indicator of whether he misses you or not.

Highly Committed Relationships Are Harder to Leave

Commitment is an essential value in any relationship. Commitment helps us feel secure in our relationship. If your marriage was built on years of loyalty and trust, it would be much more likely to miss your husband and for your husband to miss you.

When highly committed marriages come to an end, the after-effects are substantially worse. There is an increased dissatisfaction with life once long-term marriages end. Many husbands and wives face growing uncertainty for the future and loss of identity. The likelihood of your husband missing you if you were in a highly committed relationship spanning many years increases.

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Does a Husband Always Miss His Wife After a Divorce?

If you’re contemplating getting divorced or have started the process to get divorced, you’ve wondered if your husband will miss you after the divorce. The truth is that the answer is complicated. There isn’t a simple way to answer if he will miss you, because it depends on a few factors. It depends on the lives you shared together and it depends on the bond you had and the fabric of your marriage.

Sometimes we could be stuck in relationships that we don’t feel fulfilled in, co-dependent relationships, or toxic relationships. We have to leave these to be better and have a better life. In most cases, your husband will miss you and the life you created with each other.

You can’t spend a significant part of your life with someone and not miss them occasionally. Humans aren’t wired that way; we build relationships, bond, and make connections, and in this case, there has to be some form of missing and heartbreak.

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Many couples facing divorce find it hard to move on from someone they spent many years with and built a life with. There will be many emotions present in most cases, no matter the reason for divorce.

Both partners will experience a sense of loss not only of the marriage but their identity. They will experience longing for each other and miss one another as they find themselves trying to navigate life without the person they loved.

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