Upset wife getting mad over small things with smoke coming out of her ears for effect

Why Does My Wife Get Mad Over Small Things?

Overreacting is a common phenomenon among mammals as a method to protect themselves against potential danger. When people overreact or get irritated by “small things,” it is usually a sign of a bigger problem they are trying to avoid.  It’s common in all relationships to have a bit of strain or tension. Being in a … Read more

Child hiding phone from his parents who are trying to look at it

Can Parents Track And Read Text Messages?

Parents can track and read their child’s text messages if they are under the age of 18 years old. Legally and technically, you can read your child’s written communication. However, morally speaking, there are only a few specific conditions that make this invasion of privacy ok. Being a modern-day parent in the 21st century is … Read more

Wife crying as after husband pushed her and walked away in distance

My Husband Pushed Me During An Argument, HELP!

Regardless of circumstances and gender, nobody should ever push their partner in an argument. Pushing can be classified as assault and could be just the first sign that your partner is physically abusive, which will escalate. This is red flag can’t be ignored, and there must be consequences for it. Relationships can be complicated, and … Read more

Dad putting hand over his mouth to show how to shut up when talking too much

How to Get Your Dad to Shut Up (6 Ways Explained)

Are you wondering how to get your Dad to shut up? Be straight up; communication is the key to any successful relationship. However, successful communication also requires respect from both sides for it to really work. If you need space from your dad’s constant chatter, you need to let your dad know directly that you … Read more

Wife with back to husband in bed because he never initiates intimacy

My Husband Never Initiates Intimacy, WHY?

If your husband never initiates intimacy with you, he may be experiencing high levels of stress or lower energy levels. He may also be feeling rejected, or self-conscious about his body as he ages. Aging men also have a naturally lower drive. It can be difficult to understand when your spouse seems to have no interest … Read more

Man and women doing paper work to sell their father's property

How Do I Sell My Father’s Property?

When selling your father’s property, it requires a written will that appoints you as the executor. As executor, you possess the legal authority to carry out the execution of his estate. His property forms a part of his estate, along with all sundry material goods he possesses or possessed. The execution will be done in … Read more

Expectant father experiencing anxiety after him and wife receive positive pregnancy test in living room

Expectant Father Anxiety – Advice for Men

If you’re an expectant father, remember that there is no such thing as “ready”. Communication is everything. Discuss your concerns with your spouse before the baby is born. Get involved and attend as many parental appointments as possible; the understanding will calm you. Prepare whatever you can in advance.  Connect with close male friends. There … Read more

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