Can Your Father Be Your Best Man?

Father, who is best man at a wedding, sitting down at table socialising

Your father can be your best man. There are no fixed rules about who fulfills this duty at your wedding. Traditionally the best man was supposed to have been the groom’s brother or closest male friend, but this is no longer the case, and you can have your father perform this role, especially if you … Read more

English Questions and Answers For D...
English Questions and Answers For Daily Conversation - Part 22

Can My Step-Dad Adopt Me? [it depends]

Family speaking with adoption counsellor to see if ste-dad can adopt child

Adoption of a step-child by a step-dad is possible and common. Adoption laws differ from State to State and country to country, but generally, the consent of the non-custodial parent is required before a legal adoption can take place via a court order after a legal process. Step-families usually function together quite happily, with step-parents … Read more

Is Modern Parenting Better Than Traditional?

Vintage picture of Traditional Parenting vs Modern Parenting

There are two primary schools of thought regarding parenting- modern and traditional parenting. Of course, parenting has changed a lot since we were kids; if you are a 90’s kid, you were most likely raised in a traditional parenting style, but what does modern parenting look like? Traditional parenting is inflexible and rigid. The focus … Read more

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