DNA report for finding a biological father

How to Find Biological Father Without His Name

There are many reasons why someone might not know the identity of their biological father. Finding him is possible; it all starts by taking a DNA test.  In most cases, DNA testing is the only way a biological father can accurately be found without his name.  After submitting a DNA test, you compare the closest … Read more

Happy family of children, parents and in-laws enjoying a picnic on stairs

Are In-Laws Considered Family Relatives?

In-laws are your relatives while you’re married to their blood relatives. From a legal perspective, the more appropriate question is whether in-laws are your immediate family. Certain jurisdictions and legal contracts, e.g., some insurance policies treat in-laws as close relatives, but others exclude them. If you’ve gone through a divorce recently, the question of whether … Read more

Couple at appointment realizing it is too late for marriage counselling

Too Late For Marriage Counseling? 10 Signs

How do you know when it’s too late for marriage counseling? Signs indicating that it’s too late for marriage counseling include loss of compassion, empathy, and love; abuse; an unwillingness to try; feeling relief when your spouse isn’t around; lack of respect; and if either party has already moved on. Counseling is effective when both … Read more

How to Get Your Dad to Stop Smoking

How to Get Your Dad to Stop Smoking

Getting your dad to stop smoking must begin with helping him break nicotine dependence. It helps to seek as much information as possible regarding nicotine addiction and how to help and support smokers to quit. Also, find out his values. Then, point out how the habit contradicts some of them.  According to a 2019 survey … Read more

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