Why Do Dads And Fathers Sneeze So Loud?

A closeup of a very loud and strong sneeze from a father holding kleenex

The bigger your lungs, and the longer you hold your breath before you sneeze, the more dramatic it will be. While it is true that many dads and fathers have a bigger lung capacity which makes them more capable of producing “mega-sneezes”, there may be more factors involved. A Dad’s sneeze volume may be indicating … Read more

Signs Your Father Is Not Biological Father

Three generations of men looking in the mirror shaving

How confident are you that the man you’ve called dad for as long as you can remember is really your biological dad? You may be wondering if your dad is genuinely your father because you look and act nothing like him. Keep reading if you are currently on the hunt to find out if your … Read more

Father Wants Nothing To Do With Child?

Mother explaining to daughter why Father Wants Nothing To Do With Child

When explaining to your child that their father wants nothing to do with them, try your best to answer any pressing questions they may have. Explain the various reasons their father is not present in a gentle manner, and reassure them that it is not their fault. At the end of the conversation, you want … Read more

Can I Grow Taller Than My Dad?

Father standing taller next to his son on the basketball court

You can grow taller than your dad, or you may not reach his height. Height is determined by the genes that you received from both your parents. You must consider all the members of your extended family tree when looking for clues. Environmental factors are also at play but to a lesser extent.  Many teens … Read more

Why Does My Dad Hate Me (What Can I Do?)

Angry father looking off to the side with upset daughter in front of him

Through self-reflection, effective communication, patience, and counseling, you can rekindle your relationship with your father. Respect your father and try to understand his perspective. If the relationship is toxic, take a break from the relationship to find support, a different view, and to heal. None of us want to lay in bed late at night … Read more

Why Does My Dad Blame Me For Everything?

Dad blaming daughter by leaning down and talking seriously to her

If you feel your dad blames you for everything, including his problems, it likely stems from internal conflict that he is unable to verbalize or address with you. He may be under a lot of pressure or be feeling overwhelmed and is taking his frustrations out on you. Your dad blaming you for everything is … Read more

Spiritual Father Vs. Mentor, What’s The Difference?

Man studying with a spiritual father and mentor

The most significant difference between a mentor and a spiritual father is that a mentor, generally speaking, guides the mentee through a particular phase of life. A spiritual father focuses on the spiritual enrichment and development of the “child” through their life and has a closer relationship. Mentorship has been a popular byword and movement … Read more

Why Do Fathers Hate Their Daughter’s Boyfriends?

Angry father bending metal bars showing his strength

Generally speaking, a father’s disapproval of the relationship tends to stem from a deeply rooted desire to care for and protect the apple of his eye. He loves his daughter and is looking out for her best interests. It is an intriguing dilemma that a young man is challenged with when faced with his girlfriend’s … Read more

13 Signs to Know Your Father is Cheating

Father cheating with long nose and finger on lips hiding a secret

There are some telltale signs about when a father is cheating, and when a person is unfaithful to their partner in general. For example, they might start to dress differently, become guarded about privacy, or change their online behavior. These are just clues and may not mean that the individual is actually cheating. Cheating within … Read more

15 Tips for Breaking Up With the Father of Your Child

Depressed female looking at picture of her and ex-husband after breaking up with the father of her child

Set a time and time limit, create a private space, and prepare what you will say in the breakup conversation. Set boundaries and be honest about why you are ending the relationship, but be considerate and gentle in your approach. Carefully involve and support your kids after the breakup. If you’re reading this blog regarding … Read more

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