Fathers and Families Center is a 501(C)(3) not-for-profit agency affiliated with Eskenazi Health.


To build a noble legacy of fatherhood – improving the life chances of children by assisting young fathers in achieving self-sufficiency and in strengthening parental involvement.

Children with involved fathers, thriving in healthy families and strong communities.

The Board of Directors, the volunteers, the staff and the clients of the center believe in certain organizational principles, which guide the mission and the activities of the center.

  • All visitors to the center will be welcomed and respected.
  • Fathers are encouraged to see hope in their future.
  • Fathers are valuable resources to their children, families and communities.
  • Fathers’ involvement with their children is essential to developing both the fathers’ and the children’s maturity and potential.
  • Parental self-sufficiency and meaningful employment are essential to the well-being of children.
  • Effective parenting is the strongest building block of a community.
  • Children need the love, involvement and support of both their mother and their father.
  • Fathers are encouraged to have respectful working relationships with their children’s mothers.
  • An informed community welcomes, acknowledges and supports fathers involved in the lives of their children 





Fathers and Families Center
2835 North Illinois Street
Indianapolis, IN  46208
Phone: 317-921-5935
Fax: 317-921-5954

Center Services
Program services may not apply to all participants.  You may or may not be eligible for services based on your age, available funds and other factors.  Please call 317-921-5935 to see how we can help. 

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