Why Does My Husband Want To Wear My Bra And Panties?

The reason men prefer to wear women’s underwear ranges from physical to psychological. Some men prefer to wear women’s underwear because it is more comfortable, whereas others get sexually aroused by this fetish. Each case should be dealt with in seclusion as the reasons are too varied.

It is no secret that all relationships have kinks and preferences they would only share in confidence with their partner, but what if these secrets are making you a little uncomfortable? What if these secrets are causing more confusion than excitement? After all, a man wearing women’s underwear is not common, so why do they do it?

The depiction of men wearing women’s underwear is quite negative in our social environment. This action is regarded as unstable and abnormal, yet these men enjoy a high social status with healthy heterosexual relationships who do not seem to have any psychological dysfunction. So, why do men prefer to wear women’s underwear, and should you be worried?

Husband Want To Wear Wife's Bra And Panties and is holding a bra over his face like sunglasses

Reasons Men Want To Wear Women’s Underwear

Many questions come to mind once we untangle the debate on this topic. Are men Homosexual if they wear women’s underwear? Is it a psychological issue? Why does society deem it inappropriate?

Some heated discussions on popular forums have also revealed interesting philosophies like; in the 19th-century, women were not allowed to wear pants, and now they are, so what makes men wearing women’s underwear any different & underwear is not supposed to have a gender?

Although there are mixed opinions and what people think about men wearing women’s underwear, there are various known reasons why they do it. The following are the most popular reasons men prefer to wear female lingerie:

  • First, we can start with the physical. Men have mentioned that female underwear is more comfortable than male underwear. There are a greater variety of materials available to choose from that irritate the skin a bit less.
  • Secondly, female underwear is more stylish. Men, just like women, want to look attractive and wear lingerie that is more flattering for their figure.
  • Thirdly, there are psychological aspects. A minority of men have mentioned that wearing female underwear makes them feel safe and loved because it reminds them of their mother. As they wear women’s underwear, they remember what it felt like to be young and protected by a female figure.
  • Finally, a known documented fetish among certain men is sexual arousal by wearing female lingerie. Men have claimed that they feel as wanted and attractive as women when they wear female underwear, and this aids them to perform better sexually.

Cultures and societies in the 21st century have gone to great lengths to challenge prejudices and unjustified beliefs for the benefit of the people. In this day and age, the critical question we should ask ourselves is whether we should let clothing define our sexuality and roles within society?

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Pros And Cons Of Men Wearing Women’s Underwear


It’s not a common decision for men to prefer female lingerie, and because of this, there are a few disadvantages that can cause tension in daily life;

  •  The decision might confuse other relatives and friends, which will make any man feel like an outcast. This is a difficult decision to relate to, and a man who prefers to wear female lingerie will struggle to find like-minded men to converse with.
  • This decision can also affect his status in society. All cultures and communities are not as accepting of challenging social norms, and a man who chooses to challenge them by wearing women’s underwear might lose the respect and support of his peers.
  • In a relationship, this decision can cause a lot of discomforts. If the wife of a husband, who wears female lingerie, cannot come to grips with his choice, this will result in a lot of resentment in other aspects of the relationship.


Although the tendency for men to wear woman underwear is uncommon, there are some benefits involved with this decision;

  • Men who enjoy wearing female lingerie might be considered to be more effeminate. This means they will be able to associate with women on a more emotional level than other men.
  • Due to men preferring female underwear, it can imply that they enjoy other aspects of female nature. This means that there are roles and responsibilities women are traditionally known for that these men might also enjoy being involved in.
  • Men who are forced to hide their secrets or not participate in them will become dissatisfied and unhappy with their lives. Being able to do what your mind deems pleasurable creates a more fulfilling and content lifestyle.

There are many advantages and disadvantages to a choice like this. Both parties involved in the relationship have to decide what they are comfortable with and what they cannot live without.

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Is Wearing Female Underwear The Gateway To Cross-dressing?

By definition, a cross-dresser is a man who wears female clothing. Therefore, if a man prefers to wear female lingerie, he is taking part in the exercise known as cross-dressing. However, if men choose only to wear women’s underwear, will they gradually wear complete female attire?

There is no evidence to suggest that men who prefer to wear women’s underwear for comfort will enjoy wearing complete female attire. Although the possibility is there that some of these men will be interested in this exercise, there is no way to determine if they would prefer it.

All men have different interests and hobbies they enjoy pursuing. Some of these interests are accepted in a social environment, and others are frowned upon. Cross-dressing in many cultures is seen as abnormal and even taboo, but are these views justified?

There are a lot of opposing views and opinions regarding men who wear female lingerie, and, for the most part, they are not founded on reason. Contrary to popular belief, the majority of these men are not sexually frustrated, psychologically damaged, or homosexual.

According to a popular forum by Sonya Schwartz, most of these men are exploring “feminine self-expression.” They have made a conscious decision to explore aspects of their lives and nature to develop themselves personally.

There are not a lot of documented studies about why men prefer to wear women’s underwear, but the lack of evidence does tell us something vital. Men who enjoy wearing women’s lingerie might not be such an issue that extensive study is needed to understand why they cross-dress.

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Individuals have constantly challenged social norms, and some have yielded significant results but not without sacrifice. As more men become comfortable sharing their secrets with the public, we will learn more about this interest and what drives their decision-making. As gender roles are being questioned, we will come to a greater understanding of ourselves.

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