Close up of woman still angry after divorce ripping up photo of her and ex

Ex-Wife Still Angry After Divorce [HELPFUL DISCUSSION]

Is your ex-wife still angry after your divorce? Your ex-wife is still angry after the divorce. Her anger has become a familiar feeling throughout the experience. It speaks to the passion she had during your marriage. The sudden adjustment in mental, physical, and emotional states after the marriage ended has generated a profound emotion of wrath.

Couple on beach at sunset falling in love and laughing

Is Falling in Love Too Soon After Divorce Bad?

Divorce can be a traumatic experience for all involved, including children and even family members of the couple. Eventually though, it is natural for the divorcee(s) to want to move on to a new relationship and eventually fall in love again. In some cases, it happens very soon after the divorce has been finalized. But is it a good idea to fall in love again so soon after getting a divorce?

Man standing with arms crossed while ex-wife pleads

Ex-Wife Wants Me Back After Divorce [WHAT SHOULD I DO!?]

You went through a divorce, either messy or amicable, and are on the mend emotionally when, out of the blue, your ex-wife indicates that she wants you back. It’s a perfect scenario to either be lured into an unhappy life again or enter a new phase of love with your ex, but you will have to ask yourself; “How do I deal with this situation appropriately?”

woman in a coma being examined by nurse, blurry

Divorce Someone Who Is in a Coma? [WHAT TO KNOW]

Tragedy can strike unexpectedly at any time in our lives and nobody is emotionally prepared for the worst to happen. After a terminal unexpected illness or death of a spouse, the grieving process begins and eventually, over time, the wounds in your heart start to heal and you finally feel ready to move on with your life.

Couple sitting across table with hands crossed and wedding rings off on divorce work paper

Can My Wife Take Everything in A Divorce?

Breaking up is hard to do, but often divorce is the only possible way forward out of a bad situation or failing relationship. But, when you have made up your mind to split, the next thing that comes to mind may be what it will cost you and the fear of massive financial loss. So, what can your wife take when you divorce?

Couple holding a ripped photo of themselves during divorce

Can I Sleep With My Wife During Divorce? (Should You?)

Divorce, for most, spells a painful ending to a long and complex journey of love and intimacy. But the process is not linear and, as it unfolds, some marital behaviors need to or should continue (like communication), while ending others is necessary but may be difficult. Which is the status of the most intimate physical engagement between spouses?

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