Hacker trying to break password on phone

Why Did My Husband Put A Password On His Phone?

Husbands put passwords on their phones for many different reasons. Your husband may have password-protected his device to protect his personal data, to avoid making pocket dials, to boost his security, or to hide evidence of infidelity. Being married is not always easy and being a 21st-century spouse comes with its own unique sets of … Read more

Couple meeting with therapist because they are consider divorce because of in-laws

Considering Divorce Because of In-Laws (5 Tips)

If you are considering divorce because your in-laws have detrimentally impacted your marriage, it does not have to result in divorce. There are various boundaries that can be put in place to protect your marriage while allowing your partner to have a relationship with their parents. If you’re considering divorce because of your in-laws, it’s … Read more

Wife crying as after husband pushed her and walked away in distance

My Husband Gets Mad When I Cry…Why?

It is a common misconception that women are more emotional than men and often husbands get mad and frustrated when their wives cry for what they feel are frivolous reasons. This ultimately boils down to a disconnect and misunderstanding between yourself and your husband. Your husband might think you’re crying for attention or to deflect … Read more

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